Pokemon Go Fest 2020 is a digital event

According to Ni antic itself, Pokémon Go 2020 pulls the best of the online event in person to create a numerical experience comparable to previous festivals. The next Go Fest Digital is the very first GO GLOBAL FESTIVAL, do not include fans to travel to a specific destination. Digital events will include rotating virtual habitats, a global ingredient arena, tearooms and a printable merch. The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 tickets cost $14.99 and unlike previous events, there is no limit to the number of people who may attend this year. To celebrate the world’s first GO Fest, Ni antic also sells a GO Fest 2020 t-shirt to commemorate the digital event.

Pokémon Go fans that do not participate in GO Fest 2020 will be able to participate in weekly challenges leading to the event, with three weeks offering different challenges. Ni antic will publish a social application that will help Pokémon Go fans stay in touch with their friends, regardless of the Arctic title they prefer. Although the application does not offer a cat at its launch, the team apparently considers the functionality.

Tearooms have always been a central feature of Pokémon Go Fest, and it is no different with the very first GO Fest World. Team rooms will bring together Pokémon Go fans based on their preference between Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor. These salons are social centers that will provide event updates and collect Pokémon Go fans to socialize during the event. In the past, Go Fest has included small ecosystem areas that reflect some Pokemon and offer ecosystem-based Pokemon, this feature is included in the GO Fest Digital with rotating virtual habitats that are based on the battle, L friendship, fire, rock, etc..

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