Torpremiere for Ramos – Messi celebrates PSG

After 90 by no means one-sided minutes it was 4: 0 for the favorites, which leads the Ligue 1 further with eleven points. Early in the game, PSG sniffed on the lead, but Danilo Pereira and Mbappé (24th, 32nd) left two good opportunities. Then Reims would almost hit, but Youngster Cities grimaced alone at NAVAL (35.). Seconds before the side change, the ball then jumped randomly to Rate, who worried the break guide with the help of the indoor post (44.).

In the second half, rhymers always put needle stings, so Paris had to put on the reins slightly – and the act of the leader too. In the 62nd minute a standard helped, after a corner punched Sergio Ramos the ball in the second start over the line. For the former captain of Real Madrid it was the first goal in PSG dress. Seconds later, Messi entered the lawn for the first time after his Corona infection and directed directly to the third goal: Pass of the Argentinian, Erratic shot was felt twice and landed in the upper right corner (67.).


Picardi heads himself on the hand

Danilo Pereira, who immediately took a goalless Mbappé, directly took the conclusion to the end of this time, the stalked shot could no longer parry Reims-Keeper Markovic (75.). It could have come to a bigger for the guests, but to the cross of Nun Meade Picardi himself headed himself on the hand, so that the ball landed in the gate, but the hit was rightly denied recognition (86.).

For PSG, the 31st of January continues, then the second round in the French Cup waits against OGCN ice, which is currently the worst pursuer in Ligue 1.