Cologne Wehrle shoots against politics: “Rational not explainable”

According to the decisions of the policy, continue to capture the stringent Corona regulations, Cologne’s outgoing financial boss Alexander Were has exercised violent criticism. Now that is absolutely no relatively. It is rationally no longer explainable, Mildred Were at the talk Loss MER Sch wade.

The professional clubs had hopes that the political decision-makers decide on their conference on Monday relaxations in the field of audience restrictions, but they remained. Although Markus Söder (CSU) announced, according to Oliver Khan, at least in Bavaria to loosen the strict viewer ban something. However, nationwide and significant increases in viewer numbers remain initially.

For Were, this decision is absolutely incomprehensible. The clubs had proven the load capacity of their hygiene concepts, in the open air, in the digital traceability of the infection chain, the distance, the masks, the time slots when entering and the 2G rule we had at the FC already in August, he said.

He also did not divide with clear criticism of the work of the current and predecessor government. If the policy had already embedded itself on a 2G rule in August, then we would not have it all the shit now. That, what the policy has done well and correctly at the beginning, did it last from month to month., he realized.

The argument, large events would lead to hotspots, can not be conceived for Were. Which hotspots? In the past few months, we have proven that in large events, also in the ice hockey, handball, basketball, in the culture, just no infection chains have arisen, says Were.

Were shoots against upper limits: Not comprehensible at all

He also raises the responsible arbitrariness in determining upper limits. It is incomprehensible at all if in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg of 2100 possible spectators 2000 are in a closed room, and a few kilometers further in the Hamburg stadium also 2000, because that’s just the border. Who has set the 2000 in Hamburg ? And who the 750 in Cologne? And who the 1000 in Mainz?, Says Were. He also sarcastically added: Dice that?

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In addition, Were closed the statement of Borussia Dortmund’s Managing Director Hans-Joachim Wake, who sees football as a victim of symbol policy. That Wake is considering legal action, welcomes Were: There we stand side by side with the BVB.