Eintracht Frankfurt: Winter instead of summer

The flirt between Eintracht Frankfurt and Randal Solo Mani from FC Nantes goes to the target straight. The 23-year-old attacker should retire at the SGE, alone the medical examination is supposed to be out.

The fact that Eintracht Frankfurt is interested in Randal Solo Mani should hardly surprise some1. Stubborn rumors shot into the herb in the summer of 2021, but a change should be failed at the release claim of the FC Nantes.

According to Sky, the deal is now over the stage over the coming days. However, the kicker had reported that a release-free transfer is agreed to the end of the season.

Either way, the offensive player should now complete the medical check. According to the specialist magazine, the deal could only fail if something unpredictable happens. However, the designed date on Monday, according to Sky, fell into the water as Mani was not released by FC Nantes.

However, the investigation should be able to take place soon, as both clubs have agreed, it says. By the end of the transfer phase on January 31, a few days left for a few days to bring the deal into dry towels.


Eintracht Frankfurt gets physically strong attackers

Solo Mani embodies the physically strong striker types, which is still missing the Contract. In addition, the former junior national player can be flexibly usable and can act next to the storm center, on both offensive wings and as a hanging tip.

For Nantes, Solo Mani scored 17 goals and twelve templates in 67 competitive matches. Around 2021/22 he comes to seven hits and three assists in 21 lots.

There is a need for action in the main metropolis, since two strikers in the squad stand with Sam Hammers and Jens Better Have, whose temporary contracts expire in summer 2022. Whether it comes to a whereabouts is not fixed yet.