Wild rumor! Swap the BVB and Barca the stars?


In his second season at Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Meunière finally meets expectations that the BVB had already set in his commitment in the summer of 2020. Suddenly, rumors shoot the herb that Meunière could soon end time with the black and yellow.

Meunière should have awakened the interest of the FC Barcelona. The Spanish Transfer Expert Gerard Romero wants to know. According to this, Barça plans to offer the BVB a tempting exchange shop: Meunière should switch to the Catalans, Sergio Best in return to Russia.

Although Best is mostly set in Barcelona, ​​the 21-year-old US international sees itself confronted with criticism. Romero also confirmed that the FC Barcelona is not fully satisfied with the right-back. Especially in the German Football Bundesliga, however, BEST has some followers. The BVB has already sought several times interest, the FC Bayern also applies again and again as a hot candidate on a commitment.

Interestingly, the exchange for the BVB could also be because Best is nine years younger than Meunière.

Wiesel probably has no future at the BVB

Speaking of Meunière: The Belgian himself did not comment on his near future, but let’s look at that one of his compatriots is a farewell from Dortmund: Axel Wiesel and the BVB will probably go separated paths in summer. The contract of the 33-year-old runs out.

His adventure in Dortmund seems to approach the end, even if you can not exclude a surprise, Punier referred to rtbf.be position to the situation of Itself. The midfielder is aware that he was already 33 years old and players like Jude Bellingham, Mahmoud Aloud and Eyre Can also occupy his position and are considerably younger.

He is not sad, he knows the situation, Punier continues. Wiesel, however, continues to work professionally and is a full-fledged team member.