BVB: “Catastrophic Day!” Dortmund writes the title

Borussia Dortmund went down in the home game against Bayer Leverkusen with 2: 5 (1: 3) and then finally wrote the fight for the championship title. Rather, the Dortmunder employed the way of defeat.

Marco Reus did not talk about the hot porridge after the desastrous bankruptcy.

After in-depth analysis of the game, which the Dortmund has completely earned 10,000 spectators in the signal-iduna park completely deserved, the captain Borussia Dortmund wanted to hear nothing more from the title fight at home at now nine points: “We have other topics than about Talk to Bayern. “

Rather, Reus, who was pale against very strong Leverkusen himself, had to talk about the way: “It was a catastrophic day. We did not get well into the game at all, we were always a step too late.”

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Marco Rose serves: “Of course, a lot of prettles again”

Also coach Marco Rose, who had to dispense with family forces such as Erling Haaland, Mats Hummels and Emre Can, was followed by: “The boys have tried to go on. But we had little control on the ball in the first half. We had barely goals, Accordingly, it is a deserved victory for Leverkusen. “

Rose also knows what the coming days in Dortmund will happen: “Of course, there is a lot on us again. But we have to stand up and work together. That’s the only patent recipe, what’s there.”

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Goalkeeper Gregor Kobel honed mainly on the eternal theme Konstanz: “We have to handle that we not only get two, three good games and then again a bad, but through. We have often talked about that.” The Dortmund fans, which were finally again in the increased number of on-site, acknowledged the power of black yellow with a whistle concert.