FC Bayern | Rüdiger transfer to Munich burst – Nagelsmann cares for B

Nationalist Antonio Rüdiger will not compete with FC Bayern the heritage of the Niklas Süle replenable to BVB. An obligation of the Chelsea professionals is the “Niklas Süles picture”, according to no topic anymore. And even with other candidates, there was no solution in sight now. At coach Julian Nagelsmann, the worries should grow in view of which.

For a long time Antonio Rüdiger was traded as a possible successor of Niklas Süle at FC Bayern, but the “Niklas Süles picture” now wants to learn that this topic has finally d1. Accordingly, a commitment of Chelsea professionals in Munich was now excluded.

FC Bayern Munich - passing drill by Julian Nagelsmann

The transfer will fail to the report for two reasons. First, rüdiger simply demands too much money.

“The Athletic” This week that Chelsea has offered the national player a weekly salary of 160,000 euros. In return for his signature, the 28-year-old demands allegedly 260,000 euros per week, ie around 12.5 million euros annually. That does not want to pay the blues nor the Munich.

The second reason: Apparently, Rüdiger does not feel great desire to switch to the Isar. The national player is more likely to be moved to Spain or France, where there is to be two standard interested parties with Real Madrid and PSG. Even a change within the Premier League is still possible, but is considered unlikely.

Does the FC Bayern Nagelsmann just worried a “B solution”?

With Andreas Christensen, according to Bayern, FC Bayern has already found another candidate. Only the money is also a problem with Danes, because allegedly he demands a salary, which lies beyond the ten million euros. Whether the Munich wants to pay him, is not clear.

In view of this very precarious situation, coach Julian Nagelsmann should grow doubts about the coming season. “Niklas Süles picture” claims that Nagelsmann fears that he gets only a substitute solution from the bosses in the end. And that would fit only conditionally to his demands and ambitions.