Last duel of Günther and Paulding: Ulm Cones Oldenburg

In the end, of course, only one cheerful – and that was by Günther. The Ulm Builder came at the end in a good 19 minutes to nine points. Rickey Paulding played a long time, and came to the exact same yield, but in the end Oldenburg had to be beaten, because Paulding had two threes left.

The guests, clearly went to the outsider, kept very good with Top Team Ulm and were close to the end. But then the householders proved the better nerves and won the encounter with 86:78.

The Ulm, who already celebrated the sixth Bbl victory in a row, pushed past Bonn and are now in second place behind FC Bayern. Oldenburg missed the second victory under the new coach Ingo Freyer and stays last with only six wins.

Wagner: Götterdämmerung, WWV 86D / Act 2 -

Ratiopharm Ulm – Ewe Baskets Oldenburg 86:78 (37:32)

Best throwers for Ulm: Thornwell (19), Christoon (18), Herkenhoff (16), Blossomgame (15)
Best throwers for Oldenburg: Breunig (15), Pressey (13), Michalak (12), Odiase (10)
Viewers: 1500