Marco Rose to BVB clatter: “We were never felt in the game”

The BVB made a Derben exporter on Sunday afternoon and lost home against Bayer Leverkusen 2: 5. Chef trainer Marco Rose was disappointed after the bitter bitter. In the evening before the FC Bayern underlined the 3-2 home win against RB Leipzig, on the other hand, once again his title ambitions. The votes to the games:

Borussia Dortmund – Bayer 04 Leverkusen 2: 5

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): “Exactly the things we have addressed, the switching game of the Leverkusen, which dealt with us at three goals. The defeat is bitter. We were never felt in the game. Always, if We were on it, the plug was pulled us. This is a deserved victory for Leverkusen. “

Gerardo Seoane (Trainer Bayer Leverkusen): “This time the many goals were well distributed for us, that was a nice afternoon and a very good appearance. We have used our chances well, made a lot of beautiful goals and were bombatable. Many We have played at the end of attacks. In the table we look down that we have enough distance and come under the first four. “

VFL Wolfsburg – SPVGG Greuther Fürth 4: 1

Florian Kohfeldt (coach VFL Wolfsburg): “Playful was not all top, but it was exceptional, but I can definitely say that it was very important for us to go to this first step. We should go But under no circumstances think that everything is better now. We still have a lot to work. Our defensive behavior was not always optimal and we have to play clearer. “

Stefan Leitl (coach Spvgg Greuther Fürth): “Today we missed us the energy and attitude. We have thrown in all shots in the past few weeks, today we turned away twice. I do not know why it’s so was. The difference between today and the past few weeks was very big what the physical willingness are concerned. “

FC Bayern Munich – RB Leipzig 3: 2

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “It was a very interesting football match. The first time for a long time had been there again, it was an intense game. The victory is not mega-deserved now, but not undeserved. Both teams had the chances of the opportunities can win. We have made a rough mistake in the first half. Since we wanted to take every attack to the end and thus played a lot too fast forward. In the counterparts, the ball loss rate was too high for me. There we had to start a lot. In The second half was better, there we were patient. “

… to Christopher Nkunku: “Markus Krösche and I brought him together from Paris at that time, I know him very, very well, he is a top player, that was seen in the last year. But I believe he believes he very, very expensive. “

… to the advantages of the triple chain: “Many underestimate the triple chain that you have a player in the pressing. You have not only a player more in the offensive, but we had six players in the foremost line with whom we attack could. We had a lot of ball gains against Hertha and today, if we have no access or have ball losses, then it will be wide path for Serge and Kingsley, but that is not great at 4-2-3-1 either. I decided to choose the most offensive eleven eleven. We could have played with four internal defenders, so a team (Germany, note d. Red.) has also become world champion. But in principle I have a different conviction. “

… to talk to Thomas Müller (before the game): “We always talk to him with him. I have led many conversations with him, also brazzo. It will certainly be more conversations in the future. He has always been a Bayern player And a big identification figure. “

… For the reasons for the upcoming departure of Niklas Sule (before the game): “This is the player to answer that. I have already said that there are various reasons, but you can not always get into the head of a player look in. He was now a few years at Bayern and now has a contract situation that allows him to look again a new challenge. You have to accept and also understand that, and we certainly have to go on the way to summer Look at the transfer market, which is possible. Of course it is a herber loss, but he has decided so. “

… to Rummenigge criticism of Slee (in front of the game): “I have only read that until now and not talked about it with him. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is so experienced that he may get rid of things that he is so says. In the end it is important what I give Niklas for embassies with the field. ”

… for train colleague Tedesco (before the game): “At the course it was an extremely good exchange, even in the car and away from football. Of that, such a course also considers that you can exchange about football without any detail to know each other, We had many funny moments together on the highway and the course. He has already taken over clubs in difficult situations several times and led them to success. That’s recognition enough. “

Thomas Müller (scorer FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “Both teams have shown a good and attractive game. From the orientation and how the opportunities have arisen, it was a bit similar. Of course we were offensively trying to have pressing actions. These are then forced errors, but also caused by the game structure of the respective teams. Overall, we have already won earned. Leipzig would have been able to do two goals more, but we too. “

… to the quality of the Leipzig: “That’s self-explanatory, if you see the team. Leipzig plays a total of a season under their possibilities, which is no secret. They are a top team in this league. The trend of Leipzig has in the Leipzig Voted in the last few weeks, so we are also happy about the important threesome. “

… part-return of the viewers: “It’s really a great feeling, I’ve been talking about this assist story over time, but when the ball goes to the goal, the lights flicker and people are there – for This feeling is worth it to Ackern. “

… to his abandoned headball goal: “I felt a bit like it was told by Horst Hrubesh.”

… to a poster with children’s and jersey request: “I do not know how that should work, these were two male colleagues who have made the shield. (laughs) But the jerseys I have already given today.”

… to his future at Bayern: “These are things that we are not commenting on now. We now focus on the next training week.” (laughs)

Manuel new (goalkeeper FC Bayern Munich)…

… to his winning record: “To zero would be much better. The first goal is unhappy, but that belongs to football. Nevertheless, it was a game to my taste. With a team with so many offensive players, we have defensive a good performance shown. “

… for offensive alignment of the triple chain: “We discuss this during the week. Julian shows us what we plan to. We were a lot in the opposing half, so we have created a lot of pressure. “

… to his future: “The plan is that I want to play as long as I want to play. is a good plan, right?” (laughs)

… to finish Niklas SELE: “I will not lose him completely because he is national. One has a very special relationship with his defenders. There you also work together in training and then play against Serge Gnabry Leroy Sané or Robert Lewandowski And push to play there too zero. It is a pity that such a corner pillar in the defense crashes. (…) Everyone annoys that the Niklas is going, he will be missing us. It was a way until he was missing has developed to his performance highlight. “

Domenico Tedesco (Trainer RB Leipzig)…

… to the game: “In total, it’s a pity that we have shot almost two owners. Normally, Bayern does not need this support. We have been preaching for weeks that we want to be courageous, that’s why it’s okay that so does something like that happened. It is a pity that it happens twice in the same game and just here. “

… to the causes of the mistakes: “It is the decision when we then play deeply. We knew that Bayern will push us high. We then wanted to curl that one or the other sometimes more, maybe the sixth pull out. If you play and play and relax and relax, you can not miss the moment when you play the ball deep. “

… to satisfaction over performance: “It is difficult to talk about a defeat of satisfaction. Sure, we have done well and already had one or the other situation where we got the Bayern deep and then relocate. That Everything was fine, but if you lose, is always a bit scrap. “

… to the current table situation: “It’s worth it, because I’m bet it again and again. In the end, of course it is not good. But today it’s good for the time and the next few weeks it will be good, in the end it is then in the May. Since we want to cut off as well as possible, but of course that’s the goal of every team. ”

… to relation to Julian Nagelsmann (before the game): “We both stressed again and again that we know each other out of the DFB course, but it’s a huge difference, whether you have made a course together or in – And knows by heart. “

Oliver Mintzlaff (CEO RB Leipzig)…

… to the game: “We have made a decent away game at FC Bayern, we’ll take it first. We have made mistakes in all three goals, that’s very annoying. We have not allowed so much else.”

… to the objective for the rest of the season: “We are not going home now and buried our goals. Of course, we want to go to the Champions League. We know that we have played a modest round, but we have it to start the second round Well done and also shown today what quality our team has. “

… For comparison between Domenico Tedesco and Jesse March: “We no longer talk about Jesse Marsch, but about Domenico Tedesco. He does that very well, he gave the team stability. He also gives the team more solutions with the ball. Today we have seen that works too. “

… a possible further action for increasing the audience number: “At that time, I also said that we check that. If we have a chance of our point of view, we also submit a lawsuit. For us, many things are no longer comprehensible, The football should not be prepared as symbol policy. It is still not in the head for us that every second place may be occupied in a theater or cinema and only every 48-ste. Therefore, we will continue to complain. “

Konrad Laimer (RB Leipzig)…

… to a possible new halfs director: “I know nothing of anything. That’s not my topic, there must be other drum.”

… to his performance and two templates: “Unfortunately we lost, so I would not like to say that it was my best game for RB. A few situations were definitely not bad, but it hurts, if You still lose as well. Today, it would certainly have been more in it. “

… to the goals: “If you give a team with so much quality so simple ball gains, they punish the ice cold. They made them twice. We also had chances of winning the thing. Now we go to zero points Home, that hurts a bit. “

Péter Gúlácsi (goalkeeper RB Leipzig)…

… to the game: “Of course it is annoying that we did too many mistakes with the ball because we basically had a good plan and also had our chances. We were very close that we take something to do.”

… to the mispass before the goose: “In retrospect, you are always cleverer and says that you’d rather play a long ball. We tried to play out at the back, in the case it was the wrong decision.” That was very unhappy. “

… to the performance of Manuel new: “Unfortunately, he stood very well when we had the chance to make the balance. If you are good, then you have luck.”

1. FC Cologne – SC Freiburg 1: 0

Andre Pawlak (co-coach 1. FC Cologne): “We had one or the other way to seek the second goal. We did not make that. There were many situations that we could block at the last moment. We Had the quixtche happened, I’m just annoying a bit that we did not get up the lid earlier. “

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): “The first 35 minutes we were not filled enough. The game construction was too restless. At the goal, we were not attentive and were overlooked. The second half was absolutely fine. It was absolutely fine Open impact exchange, due to the first 35 minutes we do not lose the game undeserved. “

Arminia Bielefeld – Borussia Mönchengladbach 1: 1

Frank Kramer (coach Arminia Bielefeld): “Both teams wanted to put the decisive punch. The game went back and forth, everything went on. We earned the point very much. We are happy about the part success.”

Adi Hütter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): “If we had played the counter better, we would have gone as a deserved winner from the square. In the second half you have seen that we have played on victory. It was important to win That we have shown a reaction after the 0: 1. “

VFB Stuttgart – Eintracht Frankfurt 2: 3

Pellegrino Matarazzo (Trainer VFB Stuttgart): “We have made too many simple mistakes. According to standard situations, it became uncomfortable. I am very dissatisfied and unhappy with the game and the result – but we continue.”

Oliver Glasner (Trainer Eintracht Frankfurt): “We are very happy about the first three points in 2022. I can make the team for their use and will only a big compliment. The victory is very good.”

FC Augsburg – Union Berlin 2: 0

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg): “We made a good game, deserved won. I am scary for the team, we really did it very well, implement the plan very intensively. So it must be So we want to continue. Then we can also get our points. It’s not all at the touch of a button. It’s not steep up, but in small steps with heights and depths. But so we have to continue. “

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): “That was not a unusual victory for Augsburg. After our first chance, it became wild, that had to do with the high start of Augsburg. They have stressed us, then we have stressed one or the other wrong decision. We still had our possibilities, especially in the second half. But after the 2-0 it was difficult to come back. The question about Max Kruse I can not answer. He is a different player, but it brings Nothing more to discuss about him because he is no longer with us. “

FSV Mainz 05 – TSG Hoffenheim 2: 0

Bo Svensson (coach FSV Mainz 05): “It was very important to have a success experience. The Hoffenheim were the better team. We did not look so good in some situations, that was also at the opponent In a position to become dangerous, but we hardly have access to the opponent. I hope we give us a thrust for the coming weeks. “

Sebastian Hoeneß (Trainer TSG Hoffenheim): “It was expecting intensive game. We are really well pure, also have chances we do not use. The opponent has dropped ice cold. We are eating things simple even more to work. That annoys. We have to look that we make the moments again for us. “

Hertha BSC – VFL Bochum 1: 1 (1: 0)

Niklas strong (Captain Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… go to the goal: “Brutal annoying. A long ball comes, Polter then does that well too. But then it’s a piercing that is misplaced unhappy. It is damn annoying. It was also the first shot in the second half. That was not so good in any case. “

… to the game: “It was so that we did not go so aggressive, so snappy and with the intensity as in the first half have gone into the bunks and behind the balls behind. Maybe we did too much Powerplay in the first half And could have played a few situations a bit quieter. But still we could have done it, but then lost the thread. Nevertheless, I would say that we also had our chances in the second half. Then you can then calm the 2: 1 make. “

… to Marc Oliver Kempf: “We already know each other forever. It is for six years that we have played together, but we know each other, we do well and we know more or less, as the other thing is playing Well, to have him next to me. The next games can come. “

Marc Oliver Kempf (Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to the game: “After the first half, in which we were clearly the better team, we did not get the connection in the second half. Then you collect with a shot shot, which is a bit dangerous, the compensation. More Did not you admit, that’s why it’s all the sadder that you only stand with a point. “

… on his first days at Hertha: “The acclimatization was good, I did not mind me. I know many guys from earlier and the coach from Stuttgart times. I tried to introduce me well, go and give commands well, I did that quite well, but that an goal annoys me scary. Too zero would have been all the better. “

Tayfun Corkut (Trainer Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to the game: “We played a really good first half with a lot of energy. We had a good intensity, a good two-beam guide and played very clean forward. It was actually under control. And with the only shot on Our goal we got the balance. Then the game changed. It was a competitive second half with switching moments on both sides. Unfortunately, we have to live with the point, but if you look at the first halftime, would certainly be more in it been.”

… to question why it did not matter to victory: “This time it was not necessarily the stability. The goal was the only ball that came to the gate. We got away from our game in the second half, But it was not due to stability. ”

… to arrive new access Marc Oliver Kempf (before the game): “That was not difficult. He is an experienced Bundesliga player. I know him from my time in Stuttgart. He and the other new entries have been very well received.”

Arne Friedrich (half Director Hertha BSC Berlin)…

… to leave his decision to leave Hertha at the end of the season (before the game): “It’s a decision that sometime is matured. Fredi Bobic and I had a very open conversation. I originally returned in 2019 and honestly had not planned to stay two and a half years. Then there were two and a half years because it was just a great time, a turbulent time. I have learned a lot and hope I could give a little something. I have the feeling that now I have the feeling that now very, very much Good structures are laid, especially through the athletic realignment. I am actually very optimistic about what the future of Hertha is concerned, even if you may not see it directly. “

… to ask what he wants the club to say goodbye (before the game): “Stability. That was one of the reasons why it has always been a bit shaky. There are a lot of people and gone a lot of people, both at the player level and on the line level. But to get really stability, you also need peace in the environment. Fredi Bobic has come with his team. I appreciate him very much and he knows what he does. And I hope that one That looks as soon as possible, but it needs everything his time. You have to say that. “

… to his future (before the game): “Even if I’m gone in the summer: I will always remain wonderful to the club. I like to be in Berlin, Berlin is my home. It was much speculated: Wrapping Arne completely? I have not done such plans at all. I did not do any plans because I’m at the Hertha until the summer. “

… to question whether he could draw a conclusion to his activity (before the game): “For this it is too early, on the other, the other people should decide. I’m still there. It is always said again and again That it’s a pity that I’m going, but I’m still there until summer and we still have a lot. We are still in a very difficult situation. “

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum)…

… to his semi-period language: “Of course I was angry that we did not accept the two-fighting. These are the basic one, that belongs to football. We have done the ball, we have no access. Then we get a standard gate It was also prepared for the team. That’s very annoying. Then it became a bit louder. But the team has then implemented that very well in the second half and that’s why I am satisfied with the point. “

… to the game: “At the first half, I was absolutely not satisfied. There was no passion, we’ve had all the two-fights lost. We only had the luck that Hertha could not create so many chances of chances. We have in the second half turned a bit a bit and then I was satisfied with the way, even if it was certainly not a nice football match because of the many long balls from our side. But in our situation away is I do not care. Main thing, we have one Point taken. And that was not undeserved due to the second half. “

… to ask why the VFL defends so passionately (before the game): “We have our mission statement where we say: we want to be indomitable. We want to defend it with all the power, but also build something, if I am glad The guys also look for the defense. Of course, our offensive players want to shine more in the offensive, but we have to work as a newcomer with all in both directions. We do that well and you can see that we can be an unpleasant opponent. “

Gerrit Holtmann (VfL Bochum)…

… to question whether he was satisfied with the point: “From the course of the first half ago, we just not good enough and had no chance. Hertha did it pretty well. We had no pressure on the front and so Hertha can simply play through. In the end, we have happy, but also deserves the point from the course of the second half. “

… to weak first half: “Already at the warm-up you have noticed that we are not right. You have seen until half time that we have not consistently pulled our game. There we are again that we are offensive still have a lot of air upwards. “

Sebastian Polter (scorer VfL Bochum)…

… to question whether he is satisfied with the point: “After the bad first half definitely. We can ultimately be really satisfied with the point. A with-relegation candidate that deals with us downstairs and at a distance The away – that’s very neat. Nonetheless, I believe that we did not play a good first half and can live with the point due to the second half. “

… for conversion at the half-time break: “We have certainly played the worst half in the first half. We wanted to come to the depths and behind the defensive chain. That did not succeed us. We have been clearly and clearly addressed in the halftime We need to change that to score. Thank God we have done and are very satisfied at the end with the point. “

Sebastian Schindzielorz (Executive Board half VfL Bochum)…

… to the latest transfer phase (in front of the game): “It is always a hot phase, the phone is not quiet. You have a lot of information, trying to sort and get the best for the club. We chose with us continuing continuity that has been awarded us in recent months. We have shown in the Territory that we are absolutely competitive. We did not want to go to the structure there and see us well. “

… at the previous season (before the game): “We communicated at an early stage, that for us as a newcomer will be a very hard season. We are aware of this and so we went to the season. We did not go to the left And looked at the right, but focused on ourselves. That has worked quite well so far, but there are still some games to play and we need to score. “