NFL: Texans carry Smith to the Headcoach

The Houston Texans from the Football Profiliga NFL has promoted Lovie Smith to the Headcoach. The 63-year-old, who had previously worked as a defensive coordinator, inherits the David Culley fired after a weak season.

Smith is the fifth head coach of the league, which belongs to a minority as a black.

According to reports, Smith is intended to prantate Brian Flores in the race in the race, who after his dismissal at the Miami Dolphin’s early January, the franchise, NFL and the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, which had been traded as a candidate, for discrimination had sued.

NFL Live reacts to the Texans hiring Lovie Smith as head coach
The league is “in a sense racist separated and is led like a plantation,” it said in the indictment: “The 32 team owners – none of them black – benefit significantly from the work of the NFL players, of which 70 percent are black. ” The NFL defends itself against the allegations.

In addition to Smith, in the league of 32 teams, there are currently in Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Robert Saleh (New York Jets), Ron Rivera (Washington Commander) and the Flores Successor Mike McDaniels (Miami Dolphins) presented on Monday a minority relatives Headcoaches.

The Texans are Smith’s third station as head coach. In 2007, he had led the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl XLI, but lost against Indianapolis Colts.