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Rockstar Games, GTA Online Doctor Dresss Reject Contract Source Service Released

Rock Star Games announced on the 7th that the Doctor Dress, which was released from the GTA online ‘Cheonjong Contract’, was released on digital music services such as Apple Music and Sporty Pie.

Through the release of this sound source, it is possible to be appreciated by the main sound source of the Doctor Dress that was released only in the ‘Cheonjing Contract’ mission.

Doctor’s “Rebuilding Agreement” of December, last December, is a real person and a famous artist, centered on the Doctor Dress, and he must proceed with the mission to be a sound source for the united mobile phone.

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The player may appreciate the single sound source of Doctor Dress, as well as a variety of figures and missions, including each story mission and Franklin, and friends in their mission.

Doctor Dray launched the ‘Grand theft Auto: The Contract’ album, ▲ Gospel ▲ The Scenic Route ▲ BLACK PRIVILEGE ▲ ETA ▲ Fallin Up ▲ Diamond Mind, introduced a total of six tracks.

Meanwhile, the album has attracted attention to the famous artists who participated in Eminem, Snoop Dog, Busta Limez, Anderson Pack, Rick Ross.