Share more GamePlay for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4

In recent months, we have seen a lot of gameplay of _ horizon forbidden west How the version of past generation looks like. A few weeks ago we could see how the game looks running in a ps4 pro, ** and it’s time to see how it looks in the base version of this console.

NEW Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay & PS4 Pro Showcase - Armor, Weapons, Machines & More!

Yes, it is a fairly short look at only 22 seconds, but it shows us that the world of Forbidden West continues to look incredible even in a standard ps4 nine years ago. Considering that it is a First-Party title of PlayStation, was to be expected that Forbidden West would not have any kind of old hardware, but whoever is really looking for the best experience, should do it by means of a ps5 .

_ Horizon Forbidden West _ reaches PS5 and PS4 The next February 18.

Editor’s note: I am surprised how much the PS4 keeps holding before these graphically plaintiff games. There is no doubt that Guerrilla Games is doing magic with the hardware, and it seems that the users of this console will not have any problem running Forbidden West.