FC Bayern: Wanner-Bond was Chief thing

Experts see in Paul Wanner one of the largest talents of German football, in a category with Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala or Kai Hvertz. Much advanced strainer, to which the teens will try to meet over the coming years. The opportunity gets wanner now as an integral part of the Profikader of Julian Nagelsmann. Inserts in the 2nd team (Regionalliga), the U 19 or the Youth League are not provided.

As the Hvertz had reported exclusively in his edition of 16 January, Bayern’s Bosse Oliver Kahn, Hasan Salihamidzi and Marco Neppe (Technical Director) explained the Causa Wanner to the chief thing and fought for a whereabouts. Finally, the national competition (especially Bayer Leverkusen) had not been hidden, which talent approaches the campus of Bayern. A release-free departure would have been a herber image damage for the record champion. But Bayern had success with their promotion. The Wanner side liked how much, especially Salihamidzic and Neppe put in the stuff.

Alon’s old back number

Nagelsmann is also considered a sponsor and played an important role to convince wanners from staying. “Paul is a special talent that we want to promote. I and my coaching team will try to meet the claim he asks us. We expect that Paul always expect everything he has,” says Bayern’s Trainer.

It is the legitimate hope that Wanner becomes the first right self-generation from the campus opened in 2017, which is sustainable to the professionals. According to his change from FC Chelsea as a 16-year-old, Musial had only a few months there and does not count in this category. Nevertheless, he serves wanner, who, as once Xabi Alonso, carries the back number 14 as a role model, finally, Musiala already established himself at the 17 years in profite team. “My childhood dream has come true. Since my age of 12, I play Bayern at FC and always wanted to become professional here,” Quoted Bayern Wanner on his website.

Paul Wanner Is Insane! Youngest Bayern Player Ever

Soon in German U21?

Wanner was all about a sustainable athletic perspective, which the FC Bayern has apparently shown him. The school situation – the student wants to continue to graduate – is clarified. Exciting is next, in which national selection team Wanner will incur in the future, as the Austrian bandage builds around him. His mother comes from the Alpine Republic. In the U17 of the DFB, then it says, he will not run anymore. Good possible that Wanner will soon become a topic for German U21.