Guerino Capretti sees “totally positive” against Braunschweig

The sports club wins a point in second league-bootes and ascent candidate Braunschweig and leaves the descent place – actually a successful evening for the East Westphalia would not have been so much more. In front of 500 spectators in the Eintracht-Stadion Verl after only five minutes by Frederik Lach in the lead, the offensive division of the lions largely held in the bridle and enthusiastic himself with dynamic occurrence in the last third.

But the ball did not want a second time – at least nothing to the gate of Braunschweiger, which instead came unexpectedly unexpectedly to compensate. Bryan Henning produced the 1: 1 final stage immediately after the minutes of printing phase of the SCV. “If you look at the boys now,” Capetti said after the game at “magenta sport”, “then they are rather disappointed that we have played 1: 1 here. We certainly have to close the bag.”

The 39-year-old coach supplemented: “But that’s something totally positive: we drive to Braunschweig and are disappointed with a 1: 1. We need points – best three – but we have the opponent well controlled, but we have the opponent Let the ball run well in the opposing half. “

“Performance makes totally courage”

PK nach dem Spiel Sportclub Verl - Eintracht Braunschweig
Ultimately, Capretti could complain only about the opportunity utilization – or about the defensive, which cash most concede in the 3rd league and kept the white vest in only three of 24 league games. Or he draws on the good aspects: “That’s a performance that makes totally courage,” opened the coach. “If I’m so home, with this confidence, with this optimism, then I’m sure we’ll get good results again and that we will have the match happiness on our side again.”

That would be important in the following lots. The East Westphalia are next playing against the direct competitor Halle (Saturday, 2 pm) and Viktoria Berlin (13 February) and could retract crucial meters in the relegation fight.