Newcastle offer was “difficult to refuse” for Robin Gosens – Ex-Bavaria

Robin Gosens left Atalanta Bergamo in January in the direction of Inter Milan. A concrete and extremely lucrative offer of Newcastle United leaned the national player, even though this was difficult.

Robin Gosens is currently borrowed at Inter Milan, but a fixed obligation of Nerazzurri is just a single goal in the way. The curious contract clause confirmed the left-back in conversation with “Inter Milan1”. As soon as Inter in the coming season also only a single mandatory goal achieves a purchase fee of 25 million euros and the 27-year-old receives a contract until 2026.

In addition to the Italian champion, the relegation-threatened Premier League Club Newcastle United at Gosens was also. According to reports, the transfer should have been as good as fix. “There have been some media quite a bit added. Supposedly, I already sat in the flyer in the direction of the island,” said the Inter-professional opposite “Inter Milan1”. It was correct, however, that the negotiations with the club “already very concrete” were.

Robin Gosens admits Newcastle's lucrative offer caused him January transfer dilemma | News Today

Newcastle offer for gosens very lucrative

“I had an official offer and have also studied that extensively,” explained the national player and continued to say, “It was already difficult to reject that because it was about a lot of money. I think it’s human that one is at least about it Think. I could have finally hedged me and a few generations of my family with this contract. “

Gosens had numbers present in which he came “pondering”. Ultimately, however, his values ​​and principles have taken care of for a cancellation. “I can not write a book in which I talk about values, and then make a change priority from the money,” emphasized the 27-year-old, who described as “hopeless football romantics”.

Still, the midfielder is injured, but he wants to intervene in the past again in a timely manner. As a Inter Milany idol he calls an ex-Bavaria professional. “My role model has always been David Alaba. His versatility and flexibility have excellent him,” Gosens swarmed.

The Austrian has played on many different positions on “absolute top level”. “From him I looked out a lot. It is an incredible gift and characteristic that one can be so adaptable and still not loses quality,” Gosens added.