NBA News: LeBron James returns to Los Angeles prematurely – worry about the knee of the Lakers

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On Sunday evening, Lebron James was not available to Los Angeles Lakers for the third time in a row. The reason is persistent knee problems, whether the 37-year-old fails even longer is unclear.

At the 121: 129 bankruptcy of the Lakers against the Atlanta Hawks, the third defeat in series, Lebron was no longer on the bench. The superstar of the Lakers had already returned to L.a on Saturday. Traveled and thus missed the last game of the East Coast Trip of his team.

For the third time in a row, he could not run due to problems in the left knee. An MRI examination has revealed a “general swelling”, as Lakers coach explained Frank Bird. Whether Lebron threatens to fail longer, but bird could not do any concrete information.

“As long as the swelling is there, he will not play,” said the Head Coach. “We will get him back as soon as it is possible.” Apparently, a comeback is already against the Portland Trail Blazers, the first Lakers home game after the East Coast Trip in the night on Thursday, an option: “We will watch it day by day.”

The knee problems of 18-fold all stars are not due to a certain scene, as bird assured. Instead, LeBron was woken up last Thursday in Philadelphia with pain in the left knee.

Previously, James was in the midst of a hot streaks, in 18 games in a row he had achieved at least 25 meters. In most of these games, the Lakers Anthony Davis lacked injury due to injury, which is why L.a. on many minutes from LeBron was instructed, only three players in the Association teared an average of more minutes (36: 6).

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In its 19th season in the NBA, LeBron sets average 29.1 points – the third best value ligaweit -, 7.7 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game on throw quotas of 52.2 percent from the field and 35.2 percent From Downtown. Despite the individually strong appearances of the franchise star, the season of the Lakers is disappointing. 8 of the past 11 games were lost, with a balance sheet of 24-27 l.a occupied. Only rank 9 in the West. Without James, the Lakers are at 5-10.