FC Bayern: Kimmich represents the mental question

Joshua Kimmich from FC Bayern seemed to be aware of how long. Visibly angry, the international speaking after the embarrassing 2: 4 (1: 4) of the sovereign table leaders from Munich so sovereign spreaders from Munich.

“We have missed all virtues and have to ask us if that is the mentality that the FC Bayern normally embodies” Kimmich complained.

The midfielder reminded the midfielder in the first TV interview at “Sky” to the similar bitter cup from the end of October at Borussia Mönchengladbach: “That does not happen to us for the first time. I know that from the past so not from us that we are four, get five goals. “

As with the clear 0: 5 in Mönchengladbach, the German record champion was also being performed in Bochum. After gates of Christopher Antwi-Adjei (14), Jürgen Locadia (38./Dairmeter), Christian Gamboa (40th) and Gerrit Holtmann (44.) he was already at half time with 1: 4 behind. Four goals before the break it had not been given for the Munich for a long time. More than three hits in the first 45 minutes, they last had to accept on 22 November 1975. At that time, Eintracht Frankfurt was 0: 5 – and at the end 0: 6.

That Kimmich asked the mental question, the approval of Julian Nagelsmann: “I find it good, if such a thing comes from the team and not of me, there will be a piece of truth in it, that should be a teaching.” Nevertheless, the Bayern coach took his team in protection and gave himself a partial debt: “There is no great criticism of the team. We had a plan that did not get up. I would have had to rule.”

Great joy of VfL Bochum

From the party at Castroper Straße with dance inserts of the Bochum sky storms and their euphorized fans, most of Bayern did not get anything anymore. Shortly after the final whistle, much of the team was frustrated in the cabin disappeared. On the other hand, the Bochum’s pleasure left over the coup. “We played fantastically together. They were dream gates. A great game of us,” VfL Captain Anthony Losilla. The coach Thomas Rice was similarly enthusiastically: “We are very, very glad that we have brought three points that did not ask each one.

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The power failure in the stadium at the start of the game decided only the Bayern energy. Already in the first minutes, the Bochumers pointed with courageous offensive football that they felt a little desire for a similar flap like the 0: 7 in mid-September in the first leg. Even the early residue by Robert Lewandowski (9th), who after preliminary work by Kingsley Coman short distance used the first opportunity for the guests of ice cold, showed little effect.

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A similar appearance in Salzburg is likely to bring the Bavarians to the champions League in the 16th Final First Game. “I’m not scared,” Nagelsmann commented full of hope that his team from the defeat attracts the right conclusions. But in the end, the coach could not resist criticism of his professionals: “That was a crappy game. We should not lose tension, just so that it becomes more exciting in the Bundesliga. That was a total package in the first half, the Just do not go. “