Borderlands 3 Published Takedown at the Guardian Breach and rebalance Mayhem 2.0 – Update Notes

Last update there is June 11, 2020

Borderlands 3 unveiled its new Takedown, whose launch is scheduled for June 11 at 12:00 pm HNP. At 9:00, the Pacific Time, the seasonal event Revenge of the Cartels will end, preventing players from trying to take up one of the challenges or contents that surround it. These new update notes also detail some additional changes to the Mayhem 2.0 system, which initially allowed players to win the best loot of the game at the Mayhem level.

The new Takedown at the Guardian Breach is an end-of-party challenge for players to take their most equipped safes to deal with another wave of agitated enemies. You can choose to make cavalier alone, or take other allies of Vault Hunter with you and receive some of the best booties of the game. It’s a free addition to the game accessible to all. There is a complete ventilation of the new end-of-party content on the borderlands 3 website, and even a video adding more details.

Important changes to Mayhem 2.0 include enemies at Mayhem 7, 8, 9 and 10 levels, all have their considerably reduced statistics, and the level 7 to 10 curve has been reduced. In the future, you can expect the outlet of chests and automatic distributors supporting players that reach this level, rather than relying solely on enemy appearances to provide the best equipment of the game.

You can read all these changes to come borderlands 3 while waiting for the next piece of DLC, Old West, which is expected to go out at the end of June.

  • Support for new free content Added to Borderlands 3: Takedown at the Guardian Breach!

The Ressentee Expert in Eridian, Patricia Tannis, discovered a mysterious Signal Guardian on the distant planet of Minos Prime and asked you to investigate.

  • Improvements of Fight for Your Life (FFYL):

  • Addition of cooperative recovery. When more than one person revives a player shot, the player will be resurrected faster. This is only supported for cooperative actors

  • slowing down the shift speed of slaughtered players who are actively revived by a cooperative player
  • Increase in the interactive radius around the players slaughtered to facilitate the start of their resuscitation
  • Adding visual effects to the player shot during resuscitation and the player to revive the player shot to help visualize the act of resuscitation

  • Added support to display chaos levels on object cards

  • Resolution of a reported concern that some players could have a crash after being struck three times in a row during the game of a host

  • Responded to a reported concern of a crash that could sometimes occur after a client reappears in the “Angels and Demons of Speed” mission in the Konrad hold
  • Correction of a reported concern of a crash that could sometimes happen during a commitment with enemies with the modifier Wedding Announcement with Galaxy Brain Mayhem Enabled
  • Has responded to a reported concern of a crash that could sometimes happen when the host came into combat at the beginning of the fourth round in the slaughter cistern
  • Correction of multiple reported accidents

  • Improvement of performance during navigation in automatic distributors

  • Optimizations of the user interface for consoles
  • Improvement of inventory performance
  • Performance of fast menu performance
  • Improvement of the main menu performance
  • Improvement of inspection performance of articles

  • Improving the performance of the Buddy widget
  • Improving the performance of the modal tutorial
  • Improved memory by removing unnecessary images from skill shaft menus
  • Improvement performance when dragging and dropping items in the inventory menu
  • Resolution of a reported concern that players would sometimes undergo a significant drop in image frequency when browsing the shared screen characters menu
  • Responded to a reported concern that performance would drop something after recovering the Echo newspaper during “the demon in the dark” in Konrad’s hold
  • Improvement of HUD performance

  • Correction of a reported concern that the camera would sometimes close on the side when simultaneous use of high-speed shot and machinery weapons

  • Disabled all controller entries when the game window is not focused on PC
  • Disabled access to the fast menu when players are in vehicles or turrets
  • Resolution of a reported concern that an outrunner can sometimes be launched in the air and out of the game space when a user enters the vehicle in Meridian Metroplex
  • Responded to a reported concern that dead enemy bodies sometimes stroke inside the elevator in Konrad’s hold
  • Correction of a reported concern that the host player can escape from the card by croupping into a customer’s room door when he leaves his session in the sanctuary
  • Resolving a reported concern that hitting an area out of the limits with a vehicle would trigger FFYL
  • Adjusting the cost of ammunition in automatic distributors to derive from the player level instead of the vending machine level
  • Have responded to a concern that stripes and the watermark sometimes lacked some players skins
  • Responded to a reported concern that the anointing “300% of damage greater than 90%” did not work properly with the types of non-carneal enemies
  • Correction of a reported concern that Guardian Perks would be considered as active only during the session in which you have unlocked them
  • Correction of a reported concern that elementary corridors of water puddles would sometimes remain for customers when recharging the card while the puddles are present.
  • Updated credits
  • Adding previous patches to the game
  • Resolving a reported concern that the indicator bar appears spaced and drawn at the bottom of the screen in the skill tree menu
  • Correction of a reported concern that the Play button in the ECHO log menu would sometimes be displayed incorrectly

  • Adding a 10-second recharge time until a player can ask to skip the current puzzle and get a new one in Borderlands Science

  • Resolution of a reported concern that a Borderlands Science booster could be removed when participating in another game session

  • Has responded to a reported concern that the operator’s action competence of action can be affected by other action skills when activating two action skills at the same time

  • Adding a marker in the world to improve the discovery of chest moxxtails at stake

  • Resolution of a reported problem in Echocast where the Buff Moxxtail has been lost when connecting to another game session
  • Correction of a reported concern with ECHOCAST, where the statistics of the number of rare trunk winners was incorrect

  • Resolution of a reported concern that smoke or steam would glitter in the sanctuary after a prolonged gameplay

  • Rebalancing Mayhem statistics on health, shields and enemy armor in Mayhem levels 7, 8, 9 and 10

_The levels 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Mayhem saw their health statistics bonuses, shields and reduced armor. On May 10, the bonus is now 10,000% instead of 12,500%, and the level 7 curve at level 10 was adjusted accordingly.

  • Brought a change so that only the host player can launch or apply modifier changes to Mayhem
  • Resolution of a reported concern that AGONIZER 9000, Kraken, Wotan and EISTA sometimes did not produce Mayhem level machines

Today we are waiting for the chests and vending machines to support the Mayhem level equipment in the next patch, as indicated in our_-update development of Mayhem 2.0_ _, these enemies have been corrected so they Support Mayhem as a stop space.

  • Mayhem Mob Mentality and Gang Chain modifiers can no longer be combined
  • The Mayhem Floor Is Lava modifier is now less frequently triggered and the damage has no longer rely on keeping the player in combat.
  • The Mayhem modifier chain gang modifier now creates rays when the player is closer and dissipates when it’s more distant, which allows him to draw less frequently
  • Refreshment of the optimized combat timer for Mayhem

The four modifications above have been made to ensure the proper functioning of Mayhem 2.0, and we will continue to monitor the performance of Mayhem 2.0 and make adjustments in the future. Limitations and Ranger Mayhem drone modifiers continue to undergo tests and will not be reactivated for the moment.

  • Correction of a reported concern that players sometimes do not load correctly after launching grenades and modified the Mayhem mode
  • Correction of a reported concern that the travel countdown sometimes did not affect the name of the map when applying the Mayhem modifier after the player has activated a New-U station which was not a fast travel station
  • Correction of a reported concern that the Digital Piedstal Mayhem indicator would not be displayed correctly after adjusting the level
  • Correction of a reported concern that the user turning warning user interface would remain on the screen when changing the Mayhem settings in a restricted area
  • Responded to a reported concern that the Death enemy of the Post Mortem Mayhem modifier could not cause damage to the automatic Bear of Moze or to the players sitting in the headquarters of the Iron Bear shooter.
  • Correction of a reported concern that the Death enemy of the Post Mortem Mayhem modifier would turn in place if he was generated by an enemy that the player had not shot down.
  • Added a limit to the number of visual impact effects generated when projectiles are damaged with post mortem modifiers and Freeze Tag Mayhem
  • Post Mortem, Healy Avenger and Freeze Tag will now check the allegiance of the dying enemy compared to the player when he decides whether he should appear.
  • Correction of a reported concern that the player could be briefly placed in FFYL when the Mayhem Rogue-Lite modifier is active
  • Correction of a reported concern that the beams generated by the decay modifier of limit problems could sometimes set visually to the player
  • Resolution of a reported concern that the beams generated by the decaying modifier of limiting problems would sometimes remain attached to the player after defeating an enemy NPC that has become a friend
  • Resolution of a problem according to which a beam effect would not sometimes be triggered from the decay modifier of limit problems if there was an obstruction between the player and the enemy
  • Correction of a reported concern that some heads were not at the scale properly with the Galaxy Brain Mayhem modifier active
  • Resolution of a problem whereby the Mayhem modifier capabilities would not work properly on enemies
  • Resolution of a reported problem with the weapons drops of the enemies slaughtered by a critical blow while the LootSplosion Mayhem modifier was active, not always corresponding to the current level of Mayhem
  • Vehicles can now be the target of Mayhem modifiers

  • Resolution of a reported concern that D-Pad glyphs to modify the mission followed were always displayed on HUD when playing with the Classic buttons scheme

  • Resolution of a reported problem where an empty prompt would be displayed on the HUD above the experience bar after spending skill points
  • Resolution of a reported concern that several message slides appear and would overlap after disconnection from a controller
  • Resolving a reported concern that the menu speed of the user interface would vary when adding a shared screen reader
  • Resolution of a reported concern that the customer’s countdown does not appear on the screen after accepting a dual invitation
  • Adding textual enhancements
  • Tip text updated to change the visualized event in “modifying the visualized event”
  • Correction of a reported concern that parts of the HUD would sometimes be missing during a quick break and takeover of the game

This week we have a variety of equipment equilibrium changes, as promised in the Mayhem 2.0 Dev update, and specific patches for Takedown at the Guardian Breach. To obtain the changes and avoid seeing any of these problems occur, make sure your patches are applied in the main menu.

To apply patches, wait in the main menu until you see a panel indicating “HotFixes Applied”! If you have problems or want to share your comments, please submit a ticket to support.2k.com.

  • Added the revenge of cartels to the permanent reserve of objects
  • Responds to a reported concern that the points of Mantakores and Korax ignored the Zane barrier
  • Rebalanced the number of active enemies at a given time during Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Rebalance the health of some enemies at Takedown at the Guardian Breach
  • Fixed a potential progression blocker during quick trips during disassembly at the caretaker
  • Has responded to a concern that the operator’s SNTNL does not target enemies in some cases

As indicated in the update notes, we have adjusted health, shield and armor statistics for Mayhem and upper levels. As part of this change, we need to adjust the speed to reflect that. With the decrease in the enemy’s health, shield and armor in the subsequent levels of Mayhem, all the facilities you currently feel more efficient when you eliminate enemies at these higher levels. The SMGs have proven to be one of the most popular types of weapons, so we focused on them with this update. We decided that this amount of change was all with which we were comfortable with scale changes. We will observe the comments of the players in the coming weeks and will probably make other adjustments if necessary.

Improvement of weapons

_The viable SMG number seemed low compared to the relative depth of weapons of this type. As a result, many of them experienced an increase in damage this week.

  • Increase in weapons damage on Bitch
  • Increased arms damage on the beautiful hammer-piquer
  • Increased arms damage on Devoted
  • Increased arms damage on Cloud Kill
  • Increased arms damage during tsunami
  • Increase in ten gallon weapons damage
  • Increased damage bonus for melee on ripper

Takedown At The Guardian Breach COMPLETE GUIDE - HOW TO - Borderlands 3 New Guardian Takedown Guide

_The melee damage bonus of the ripper did not encourage enough to execute the expected loop. We have improved the damage of the strike in melee.

  • Increase in the damage of the weapon on vanquish

_ The basic damage of the winner and its additional damage in slippery have been improved. As the ripper, its main loop was not used because the slide bonus was not sufficiently important before this change.

  • Increased additional damage during sliding on vanquish

The ripper and the vanquher should be very effective now when they embrace their unique loops.

Nerves of arms

We found that a few pieces of equipment outperform or did not work as planned, which involuntarily pushed players in versions that use them exclusively. This also allowed players to circumvent the expected growth of the increase in Mayhem levels over time. By lowering these values ​​and treating some data, players should feel capable of experimenting with other equipment.


The Sandhawk created too many particle systems, which, in our opinion, created performance issues. It also caused too much damage compared to other sniper rifles. To fight against this, we made the following changes.

  • Increase in the firing cost of 2 to 3 – We have increased the shot cost of the weapon, so players must handle ammunition more reflected. With additional SDUs that have been added in the patch The Revenge of the Cartels, players should always be able to use this weapon a bit.
  • Deletion of 2 projectiles – As indicated, the cost of performance of this weapon was too high, so we deleted two particle systems of each shot. This also removes some damage from the weapon.
  • Increased propagation of precision – to compensate for the difference for missing projectiles, we have distributed the pattern, so it always covers the same space.
  • Reduced life of the projectiles – too many active particle systems from consecutive shots have really harmed the performance, so we have reduced the life of the projectile.
  • Increased speed of projectiles – It was important to use it to keep the weapon still effective in combat, in order to counter the reduced life of the projectiles, we accelerated them. The result is a weapon that always feels as effective as before and even more responsive.

Yellow cake

We have discovered an unfortunate problem with Yellowcake who actually added 100% additional damage beyond its expected release. We repair it today.

  • Change of damage scaling – bad scaling calculations applied to yellowcake, considerably increasing its damage beyond its planned value. We modify it to use the planned mathematics.
  • Decreased damage of separate projectiles – We also reduce the damage of each of its separate projectiles as they also overperform.


The Kaoson provided more power than expected, which made the SMG essential. With today’s changes, it should still provide a lot of damage that focuses on explosive damage bonuses, but not quite at the scale as in the past.

  • Augmented precision pulse – Its accuracy has allowed players to inflict specific damage, then with additional explosive damage, it further maximized the output. We increase the precision impulse to better take into account the explosive damage bonus.
  • Augmented maximum accuracy – In completely automatic mode, the gap has been extremely tight, allowing to maximize the damage we wanted. We increased the maximum accordingly.
  • Reduction of critical damage – The explosive damage provided by this weapon allow critical blows more frequently, so we reduce its critical bonus of a small amount.
  • Reduced base damage – as Kaoson basically has two damage – the initial ball, then the explosive round – it caused much more damage than a typical SMG. We reduce the basic damage to better consider its dual feature of damage.

Anointing amateurs

Several anointions of the game did not bring enough value, which made them unsustainable for players. In an effort to increase the diversity of buildings, we buffes a number of anointings.

  • Airborne unction – We have increased the effectiveness of airborne damage, critical damage and shooting speed. Anointing Airborne Fire Rate also had a bug, which is being corrected to significantly improve this anointing. We are looking forward to seeing what versions will be used in Takedown at the Guardian Breach in particular.
  • Slide Fire Rate – There was also a bug that prevented him from providing the planned bonus; We have solved this in these patches.
  • End of action – A number of these types of anointing have been improved to make them more useful for more builds. The shooting rate, the following 2 bonus bonuses and splash damage have all been increased.
  • Automatic bear active incendiary damage – This has received a significant buff to make the constructions of the iron bear more efficient.