At the final whistle after 85 minutes: PSG only one instead of 13 points in front of OM

Until the last game campaign, the players of Paris Saint-Germain give everything if the desired result is not yet established – in Ligue 1 as in the Champions League. Without the necessary luck to decide games shortly before the final whistle, Paris would still be in the homeland table leaders – but about twelve points less, before the currently scheduled Olympique Marseille. These have only brought a point in the final phase, at 1: 1 against Reims, but the focus here is Paris.

13 points leads PSG the Ligue 1 after 24 matchdays in front of OM. If Paris’ games would have been purely theoretically debated after 85 minutes, cheating the lead twelve points less. In Ligue 1 there would be a real title fight – as in the previous year long time between Lille, Paris, Monaco and Lyon.

Mbappé: “I’m always concentrated”

Who goes against whom it seems to play a role. Whether against Real Madrid or in Ligue 1 against good teams such as Lyon and -kürzlich Rennes: MBappé has now ensured a 1-0 victory within four days with one goal in the detention time. The Frenchman said after his hits against Real about his and the property of the team, gladly to meet: “I’m always concentrated. That’s the price of all the great attackers. That’s the advantage of being attackers. We can be a decisive at any time. ” Mostly probably late.

Of course, that annoys the competition. A few days ago, for example, Rennes coach Bruno Genesio was coming to his later 0: 1 defeat due to MBappé: “We play 94 minutes at a high level, but then spoil us everything. We were a bit unconcentration. It makes a raging because of a counter Losing in the 95th minute. “

But even more weaker opponents, Paris often does not succeed in deciding the game early, as in Metz and Lorient. But in the end, the three points usually land in the capital.

Paris’ point-making hits after the 85th minute

Mbappe Celebration After His Last Minute Goal vs Real Madrid
6. Matchday: 2: 1 against Lyon, 90 + 3 ‘Icardi
7. Matchday: 2: 1 in Metz, 2: 1, 90 + 5 ‘Hakimi
10. Matchday: 2: 1 against Angers, 87 ‘mbappé (penalty)
12. Matchday: 2: 1 against Lille, 88 ‘di Maria
17. Matchday: 1: 1 in Lens, 90 + 2 ‘Wijnaldum
19. Matchday: 1: 1 in Lorient, 90 + 1 ‘Icardi
24. Matchday: 1: 0 against Rennes, 90 + 3 ‘mbappé
CL-eighth final first leg: 1: 0 against Real Madrid, 90 + 4 ‘mbappé