RB Salzburg – FC Bayern Munich, votes and reactions

FC Bayern escapes at 1: 1 in Salzburg of the second defeat in a row. Kingsley Coman fell shortly before the end to the deserved compensation of the record champion. Bayern were not satisfied afterwards and mad at the referee. The votes to the game.

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich) over…

… the game: “In the second half we made it better. In the first half we lost too many balls. There was also our remaining defense not good. It was an avoidable goal. The compensation was more As deserved. We have brutally stacked them. “

… the foul Müller in the injury time: “The referee said it was a false whistle. But there is the much cited video Assistant referee and then I let the situation run over and look at if Leroy the Pushed the ball into the only gate occupied by field players. And then it is checked and if it is a foul, I peer up. But you can not always tell me if it is seven meters away, that you can run the situation for 28 minutes and afterwards Waving everything, because everything is checked anyway. And this situation in the fiffer without body contact will then be repeated before. This is a wholly owned score and an incredibly bad decision.

Joshua Kimmich over…

… the game: “It is difficult to classify. We had done much more. In the first half it was too little. Especially in the remaining defense. We knew that Salzburg has fast players and comes to opportunities, In the second half we checked the game and were pushing. And yet we did not have the big chances. The team has noticed that we can win the game. Due to the fact that it could have been 0: 2, The 1: 1 okay. “

… the passivity: “That we can do not the question, but we have to get that on the lawn in every game. Not only in the Champions League, not only 45 minutes, but always. We are Just not in the flow that it goes by itself. We have to continue in the Bundesliga on the weekend and do not expect it. “

… second leg: “We have to better defend people better. The main idea is to be aggressive and quickly play in the top. We need more game control and have to play better. We have better ones Rooms had and not played well. “

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Thomas Müller…

… the game: “We have mixed feelings. Salzburg is a good team. The mood was great. Compliment to the audience. So you make football. It was fun, even if we had to suffer. We wished us more, but that it was not so, was also at Salzburg. They have done it well. We have been inaccurate in the details. We showed a reaction in the second half, were oppressively superior. It was oppressive Good step, but it was not the wish and not the wish result. “

… the setting: “Everything was fine, as far as the passiveness is concerned. Sometimes we lack the courage for the right positioning, which feels unwaler in the game without ball, but is correct. We have the rooms who were there, not used and false decisions made the details decide. “

… the result: “Who is not bayern fan, says Salzburg would have earned the victory. But the result is okay.”

… the goal: “So you have to do it sometimes and play the ball in the dangerous z1. Salzburg does not help it differently. Sometimes we try to find the beautiful solution. But when Man Lewandowski, Choupo Moting And with me players who can head the header, you have to play a high ball. “

… his foul in the detention time: “Aha, interesting foul of me. Hat off! The Leroy is still free in the five-meter room.”

Hasan Salihamidzic over…

… the criticism of Lothar Matthäus: “Lothar must of course say something, he’s expert. It’s not interested to know what Lothar says. That’s over me. We know we have made mistakes. We know we know Not well played, but of course we are going to our players. We talk to them, working with them. What Lothar says is to me. “

Matthias Jaissle (coach RB Salzburg) over…

… the game : “I’m proud and satisfied, as the guys were tailored and offered the Bayern Paroli. A little far annoys me but that we got the balance so late. Nevertheless, there is a praise For our troupe. It was a real fight. “

Andreas Ulmer (RB Salzburg) over…

… the game: “Of course it does not feel so good at the end with the late balancing. But with a distance we will be very proud about the performance over 90 minutes. There was a lot to do for the whole team in the backward movement. We have well recorded the rooms in the switching game. You might have been able to play calmer in certain phases. Bavaria have allowed us more possession in midfield when we thought. “

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… the second leg: “We have to be a bit more courageous and see if there is then a surprise possible. But there must be a lot together over 90 minutes and longer to insist in Munich. Impossible is nothing. But it is not lighter than today. “

Karim Adeyemi (RB Salzburg) over…

… the game: “We fulfilled the principles of our coach. It feels like a defeat in the 90th minute. But the 1: 1 can be seen. We are satisfied and are satisfied Absolutely ready for the second leg. “

… the goal: “It was super ball of Mo. The coach said we should be brave and we have implemented that. A super gate.”

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… the second leg: “We are ready to play. We are greedy, young and sparkling. As I said before: we are the Bayern a log on the leg.”