Torjägerin Schüller: “We felt 90 minutes defended”

“We felt for 90 minutes defended. Spain has played outstanding football,” Lea Schüller said the day after the 1-1 of the German national team at the prelude of the Arnold Clark Cup in the English Middlesbrough.

And no one could have complained in the German camp if the Spaniards had won this game of the four-nation tournament.

Then it had looked at least for a long time before the Münchnerin Maximiliane rall was determined in the 88th minute in the penalty area of ​​the Spaniards determined and passed to their club colleague Schüller, which could then push it within. For the Spaniards, which were called “Complete Team in the World” prior to the game of national trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, this goal was the first goal after 16 games. “We tried everything at the end to shoot another goal. Nice that we were rewarded for it,” says Schüller. The doorquote of the 24-year-olds is impressive: In 35 games they achieved 24 hits.

“We have a little time to the European Championship”

Despite the draw, however, the game against Spain also clearly made that German eleven, which had also 14 failures to cope, had to work on the defensive game.

21. January 202254: 36 minutes

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“We have seen us that we have to do a few things better to playfully compete with Spain,” said Center Defense Jana Feldkamp (TSG Hoffenheim). “But to the European Championship we have a little time to work on it.”

The European Championship in England begins on 6 July.

Already on Sunday (21.15 clock), the next high-caliber opponent awaits the German team at the Arnold Clark Cup: Olympic champion Canada. On Wednesday (20.30 clock) then follows the third and last game of the mini-tournament against hosts England.