Confidence in HSV after setback and direct reaction

A few hours later, after completion of the Sunday games, the ELF of Tim Walter had suddenly even improved his table position by the previous 1: 1 for the descent candidate and once again occupied. Eye wiper, insure the protagonists, is therefore not operated. “We need to be more and more and aggressive in the counterpressing” the coach outlines the actual characteristics of the HSV game and clears: “We did not do that almost in the first half.”

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And thus a decal produces from many performances of the former Bundesliga dinos in second league relegation candidates in the past three years. In places like Sandhausen, Würzburg or Osnabrück, the hanseates have played their Bundesliga ticket regularly with heavily leases as in the first passage. The 45-minute parallel to the past followed a very crucial difference on Saturday.

And Walter is clearly out: “Decisive for me is that we can come back after such a first half.” This is actually new in Hamburg and also triggers confidence in sports director. “The first half was shitty,” says Michael Mutzel dramatically, “but the team has not broken away. There is a good feeling that the boys now find the right levers.” A significantly better than the temporary jump on the direct rise place.

North Derby should be won

This is to be cemented in the upcoming North Derby against leader spectrum. Mutzel does not cause a doubt that we want to win this game. ” But he already seems that the rise battle is not decided on a feast day, but in everyday life. This leads the HSV after the trip in the hard forest, among other things, including Regensburg, Ingolstadt or Rostock.

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So pavement with stumbling potential when the favorite is the face of the first half of Saturday. At the same time, however, tasks that offer opportunities because the five largest promotion competitors still need in four direct duels, while Hamburg has already played against all teams from the top 6 of the table after the summit against Bremen. Mutzel knows: “Sandhausen was not the last game of this kind this season.” And Hamburg’s professionals know now now, as they will not exist in these games. But they also showed how they can exist.