Overview of Kao The Kangaroo – Back on the ring to fight

How so ? You do not know Kao? To tell the truth, we can not blame you… Born of the imagination of the Polish of Tate Multimedia , his first adventure is still published 22 years ago.

A mascot that must save his animal friends from human hunters, levels filled with various traps and enemies, escape phases… The influences were already at the obvious era: after all, Crash Bandicoot Carasolate at Sony Rare had also demonstrated the extent of their talent on N64.

Two suites followed, Round 2 in 2002 and Mystery of the Volcano in 2005. And each time, returns were quite mixed: the console versions had faced these same cadats including Kao had inspired and the Windows environment of Nor 2000 was the most ideal ecosystem for platform games.

But Tate Multimedia does not have abandoned his mascot. Round 2 was carried in a form reviewed on PSP in 2005, but also in the form of a simple remill on Steam in 2019; This latest version has been offered several times, there are opportunities that it haunts the nooks of your library.

Kangaroo’s eye

Convinced that their character had not yet demonstrated all his potential and strong of their small fans community, the studio started in the development of a new adventure for their kangaroo. This time, our hero puts his hand on boxing gloves that belonged to his father and the latter are magical!

The first thing we notice is necessarily the graphic appearance: Kao is well entered in the 2020s. No nostalgic polygonal rendering, the character has beautiful curves and is beautifully animated, all in a rendering Cartoon effective. However, we find the same childish universe that was already putting in previous games.

Its retro legacy is in its game-design that one finds it: we must progress from the room in the room by jumping on the different platforms, avoiding various traquenards or defeating the enemies who try to intervene. On the way, it is possible to recover pieces, diamonds and to divorce hidden objects like treasure cards, letters k, a and o or still quarters of heart. It is also possible to discover access to bonus levels, but they were closed for this demo. So there is obviously what to do to complete a 100% level.

KAO THE KANGAROO! - Reaction and Analysis

Headpower, Kangaroo is heading with ease. One of the worries of 3D platforms has always been the difficulty of apprehending depth. Here, the jumps answer well (with the presence of a double jump to be able to adjust if necessary) and the shadow of the character helps to spot where we will land. If necessary, the guy can always cling to the edges. The camera is also effective and always allows you to have a clear view of action.

But a kangaroo is not just a critual that skips up; Like everyone knows it, it is also a formidable boxer (if, since you are told). And it is a talent of Kao that will be put to contribution: several times, the latter will be confronted with several enemies and it will be necessary to test on them these newly acquired magic gloves. And these sequences are also very manageable: the animal chains the blows with ease and can quickly jump from one opponent to another. If necessary, Kao can also affect a shot that causes zone damage with a small idle. It is certainly not from Arkham, but these sequences make it possible to agreeably diversify the part.

This new Kao The Kangaroo could break the curse of his elders and finally getting the place that comes back to him. The graphic aspect is nice, the character goes with ease: the game properly marries the current standards with the spirit of the platforms of the time. It remains to see how the other levels will exploit these elements in order to offer us an experience at height.