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Have a nice death in anticipated access on Steam

Published by Perfect World Entertainment and developed by Magic Design Studios, the new 2D action roguelite Have A Nice Death will be out of anticipated access on Steam on March 8, 2022.

In Have A Nice Death, you will embody death, CEO of Death Incorporated, multinational specialized in soul treatment. Problem, your employees are somewhat recalcitrant and do not properly work, upsetting the balance of souls. You will therefore have to remind them who is the boss and bring them back into the right way.

To arrive for your purposes, more than 30 weapons and spells will be at your disposal. Multiple runs will be needed to take over the plagues, the bosses of each department, and on their henchmen. In this new hack adventure N ‘Slash, the different stories with sinister charm will be generated procedurally, which should promise a wide variety of content.


Have A Nice Death Trailer Reveal | Game Awards 2021

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