Paralympics: DBS President Courier advises athletes of criticism of China

DBS President Friedhelm Julius Boucher has urged the German Paralympic athlete during the stay in Beijing of critical statements to hosts China.

Athletes Against Anxiety & Depression Foundation (AAADF) Founder China McCarney

“These are fühlig people. Everyone may tell us what he wants and expressing his free opinion. But also belongs to care that we need to advise everyone in China,” said the boss of the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) In a media round.

Background of the statements of beams are sentences from Yang Shu shortly before the start of the Olympic Games. “Any utterance coinciding with the Olympic Spirit will certainly be protected. Each behavior or utterances, which are on the other hand, can be punished with a particular punishment,” said Deputy Director-General for International Relations of the Organizing Committee at that time.

Such a “indiscriminated threat” has never been “in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” led visitors. That meant, “who tells something about China and not about his competition has to expect consequences.” According to these statements by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as well as from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), he actually “expects the reference to a NO-GO, the 75-year-old continues. But he did not come.

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In addition, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will also provide him. The Ukraine crisis will also accompany the winter games of Sochi 2014 “also the games in Beijing,” said seeker: “We have to keep the as a team management of the athletes as much as possible as possible, they need the concentration on their competitions.”