The Feel Good Story of the Virtual Bundesliga

Since now four seasons, FC Augsburg is the only club with the same four players in the Virtual Bundesliga. Prominent new liabilities of stars or talented young friends? Funding. In Bavaria you stay faithful to your players.

“This is a conscious decision for identification and continuity,” explains the project manager of the FCA, Jakob Kunz. The attachment to the club has been prioritized since the beginning of ESPORT commitment.

From the tribune in front of the console

A look back: Contrary to the other Bundesligists, FC Augsburg did not seek his first escort under Germany’s FIFA elite, but looked around in their own ranks, in the club members. An unusual approach that limits the group of people and thus the chance to find a star.

After that, the fans were on the series and already the club had four players together: Lukas Rathgeb, Christoph Geule as well as the Brothers Yannic and Philipp Consandable. The four were not only stadium and away journey-known supporters of the FC Augsburg, but also could also play above-average FIFA.

At that time we decided: If there are four guys from the association environment that can keep up at the level, then that’s the best constellation for us.

Jakob Kunz

This proximity to your own fishing community opens up advantages. This is “for the target group, as a club and our partners as well as sponsors to have much more important than a crazy-talented player who can not do much with the FCA”.

While other Bundesliga’s escortists press the pawl, the door remains at the FC Augsburg. Identification with the club has priority. “This is even about the sporting success,” complements Kunz and leads out: “We follow this approach and were therefore very successful so far.” Victories are also all the greater celebrating when the office and the entire club are euphorically behind the squad.

Love declaration of something different kind

The best example of this is the German championship title of Yannic Kerderke. In 2020, the Augsburger won the shell at the VBL Grand Final – a great surprise. The now 21-year-old shocked all experts as well as the prominent and supposedly better competition at the tournament.

FC Augsburg - Borussia Dortmund 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 24 – Bundesliga 2021/22

After that, the interest of other Bundesligaists was great. She wanted to use cares with lucrative offers from FC Augsburg. “But he immediately known himself after his title win to the club and sent us the signal that he only wants to play for FC Augsburg,” says Kunz proudly.

That was not self-evident and show the appreciation, the club and players for each other. It is therefore not only the FC Augsburg, which holds on the squad, even the players want to stay. “So there is no reason to question the team: we are successful, it makes everyone involved great fun and fits really well.”

How to create for each other

Is the Augsburger way thus perfectly or superior to the competition? By no means, that does not claim the club itself. For example, in the topic of infrastructure, the FCA can not compete with RB Leipzig or Werder Bremen.

And on the paper, the own squad is inferior to several league competitors. The four players are not full-time professionals, but incorporate working or in their studies. However, the association is characterized by both parties – clubs and players – from these imperfections and accept them. That’s why it works.

The FCA cares for a “very open exchange” with the players. There is mutual trust and a family idea, “what certainly helps to grow beyond themselves”.

Continue on the road to success

In the three previous seasons of the VBL Club Championship, FC Augsburg once reached the 9th place, once the 16th and once the 3rd of the South East Division. In the current season, the club is again in the top group of the South East – currently in five – and thus on playoff course. With these results you are very satisfied by club side.

It would have changed nothing to our decision for the Augsburg path in the first year, if we had become last.

Jakob Kunz

Kunz rated: “Even if you look at the current season, then our guys sporty again a great job in the Virtual Bundesliga. We do not have the possibilities in Augsburg and an infrastructure in Efootball as perhaps other clubs. But in the context of our possibilities we make that was fine. “

Cader changes traverses probably not for the coming season. And as long as any player calls the career end, they will probably also have a home in many years at FC Augsburg. If it goes to Kunz, you would keep the quartet forever forever.