Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon: Drills soon on consoles to oil

The Publisher Manager Games and Red Dev Studio cancel the publication of Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon 2022 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5 and Nintendo Switch. The PC version will appear on Steam on March 9th.

Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon of the Polish Studio A2 Softworks is an economic strategy game in which player manages a drill island and build a mining empire.

The team of A2 Softworks has combined economic strategy, simulation and basic construction in its new game. Drill Deal: Oil Tycoon is characterized by voxel graphics, a humorous atmosphere and a varied gameplay.

The game makes it possible to build a drilling platform and develop raw materials to promote a variety of challenges and threats.

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Players must consider many things, including the development of new technologies, the management of employees, crisis management and the need to take care of a whole range of other factors.

Game Features

  • Operation and development of a drill island
  • Management of production, technologies and employees
  • Voxel graphics
  • 8 different story scenarios
  • Extended sandbox mode

DRILL DEAL OIL TYCOON TRAILER - New Oil Business Simulator
* Event and expedition system
* At least one dozen hours game fun