No agreement: Season start in the MLB moved

Because of the continued unprocessed collective bargaining, the start of the season is moved in the MLB. This communicated commissioner Rob Manfred at a press conference on Tuesday.

The player union MLBPA had not accepted the proposal of the league until the set period at 5 pm local time on Monday. The season should start on March 31st.

“We are unable to play the first two series of regular season, these games are officially canceled,” Manfred said. As ESPN reports, players and teams are in their demands and wishes far apart.

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Since December 1st, the MLB is located in the first lockout since 1994/95. At that time, for the first and only times in the more than 100-year history of the MLB, the entire play-offs included the entire play-offs including World Series, during the two concerned seasons in 1994 and 1995 were canceled nearly 1000 games.