BVB | Effenberg proposes “Leader” Jude Bellingham as a captain

In recent days, BVB-Youngster Jude Bellingham had to plug in a lot of criticism. His often preliminary and sometimes insulting nature towards teammates brought against the English’s counterwind. In Stefan Effenberg, the 18-year-old now jumps to a respected ex-professional.

Despite his delicate age, Jude Bellingham has long become indispensable for Borussia Dortmund. In the current season, the Central Middle Fieldman already completed 34 compulsory games (six goals, twelve templates) and mostly belonged to the best actors in an otherwise extremely inconsistent team of BVB.

Through his BVBing appearance, Bellingham has developed a high standing at the black and yellow. In the measure of its (predominantly clear older) players, the Vice European Champion shot out of 2021, however, but a different time over the target.

As part of the Europa League secondary game, Bellingham recently had a negative negative negative. “You can not play damned pass, you’re damned shit!” According to lip readers, the teenager scolded in the sense of ten years older Nico Schulz, after this had played an unprimatic pasBVB. An action that Bellingham brought a lot of trouble.

BVB: Effenberg sees a “Leader” in Bellingham

In the opinion of Stefan Effenberg, however, the public excitement is inappropriate. “No athlete lays the words during a game on the gold scale. Bellingham brings to the limit with his kind of players – that makes him the leadership”, the 53-year-old took the Dortmund “T-Online” in protection.

The “Tiger” went even further: “A stink boots will not be a leader. But a leader must also be a stink boot. And that meets Bellingham.”

According to Effenberg, the Englishman has recommended for higher offices with its kind. “The constant strong achievements and the trust of coaches and bosses make Bellingham a possible BVB captain – maybe in the summer,” said the former director of Bayern.