Next top talent is at the BVB in the queue

After a penalty thriller against Manchester United, the U19 from Borussia Dortmund moved into the quarterfinals of the UEFA Youth League. With there was a player who did not get any commissioning time, for which the experience was still a special. The speech is from Filippo Calixte Mane, who switched only in winter from Sampdoria Genoa to BVB.

The 16-year-old central defender had been appointed for the first time in the squad of the U19. Sure, as the 1.88 meter defender initially had problems with the knee and then failed due to Corona infection. “We want to bring him slowly to the U19 area,” said Lars Ricken, Head of the Dortmund Vorwelungsgiventungszentrum, opposite the “Kicker”.

Neues BVB-Talent? Europas torgefährlichster Teenager | SPORT1 - TALENT WATCH

Meanwhile, MANE is fully integrated into the team and finally completed all training sessions. Now the jewel should receive more playing time. At the BVB, but probably in the U17 national team of Italy, which starts at the end of March at the EM qualifying round. “So we can prepare him well for the next U19 season.”

The strengths and weaknesses of the 16-year talent has already recognized at BVB. “He’s an extremely strong, faster domestic defender with a good setup game,” praises the Italian’s Italian.

BVB: Lars Rick wants to give you time

His new coach Mike Tullberg, who used to be active as a professional at red-white Oberhausen, is convinced of the qualities of winter newcomers: “Filippo is physically far for his age, well in the duel and in the header,” explains the 36- Year-old, but above all start-up playing potential for improvement: “Its construction is good, but he has to continue to improve – and, above all, get to know our way of playing. The football here is more intense than in Italy. He has to adapt to it.”

At BVB, however, you do not want to overstrug anything and carefully build up the young defender, which can defend both inside, half-bills as well as far right. “The necessary time to make him the best possible way, we will all give ourselves,” Ricken said the “kicker”. It is “very nice to see” that MANE also give himself this time.