SC Freiburg misses coup

His love for Leipzig was able to hide Christian prank heavily. “I think this city is exceptionally great. I like to come crazy, also play a football,” said the coach of the SC Freiburg.

But a blemish remains: “Probably I will not win in my life here,” said the coach, which was missing only four minutes on Saturday.

Until shortly before the end, the Freiburg Gates club at RB Leipzig led to the Champions League places in direct clash – and collected another goal. After all, said prank, “so important” is not a first away win in Leipzig either.

Only three days after the last minute success in the 120-minute Cokal Crimi in Bochum, the game was powerful and exhausting for the Freiburg, which went in the lead before 24,758 spectators by Ermedin Demirovic (38 minutes). Angelino met in the 90th minute to compensate.

“After the game in Bochum, where we went full of the edge, the team made an extraordinary game from the energy and attitude,” said prank after the match of the two trophy semi-finalists and stressed: “In the second Halftime we have little approved by Leipzig, for the quality you have. “

Salut cheers ensures conversation requirement

Talk requirements still occur after the salut cheers of Demirovic and Lucas Höler after the Freiburg Gate. “I did not see it, of course you do not think about the military when you do something like that. But I have to look at it, of course, and then we talk about it,” said prank against the background of the war in Ukraine. The two professionals first did not express themselves.

SC Freiburg - Feyenoord 2-2 (UEFA Cup 01/02)

String could strike that his players only a try on the gate – lowest value for Freiburg this season. After all, his team booked with 41 points after 25 games the second best Bundesliga balance. Only in the 1994/1995 season, when the Freiburg Gates club occupied third place in the end, it was at this time with 49 meters more.

The visually superior Saxony (72 percent ball possession) just prevented the first home defeat against the Breisgauer, but rather held with its idealess idea.

“We had to be patient. It was not easy to play clear scoring chances. But we never gave up and worked very hard for the draw,” Angelino said. With the first home draw this season, RB remains four in front of Freiburg in fourth place.

RB-Coach glad over point against Freiburg

RB coach Domenico Tedesco revealed mixed feelings: “We are happy about the point. But it is a joke that we had the first half-time back. We felt 90 percent ball possession, do not let go of nothing. With the first score shot and twice flipper you lie Suddenly back, that’s annoying, “he said. RB dropped draft and, above all, creativity miss. “It lacked the ignition idea, the spiritual flash in the last third,” said international Lukas Klostermann.

The RB was able to refund with Dani Olmo and André Silva with Dani Olmo and André Silva to compensate for the balance. When the Freiburg fans already celebrated the alleged away win, Angelino met compensation.