Viktoria Berlin commits Farat Toku as head coach

Toku has many years of experience as coach of Wattenscheid 09. The former Bundesliga club was employed today 41-year-old between January 2015 and October 2019. In the meantime, he also acted as a sporting director. Previously, he worked at SV Wilhelmshaven and briefly as a co-trainer at Wuppertaler SV. In May 2021, Toku completed the course to the football teacher and thus fulfills the DFB requirements.

“For the first time in the history of Viktoria Berlin we had to find a coach with per license and the necessary qualification for the 3rd league,” says Victoria sports director Rocco Teichmann the trainer search in the message of the club. In the end “we were able to form a small candidate circle from a variety of applicants and recommendations,” from which Toku finally produced as optimal choice. “Farate fits us with his temperament and qualities optimally to us,” Teichmann is safe.

Toku, who looked at the two past defeats against Freiburg and Halle in the stadium, had led discussions with the club officers for a week and was one of three hot candidates. Now he receives a contract after Bundesliga club information until the end of the season.

Human and football are very many parallels to Viktoria Berlin.

Farat Toku

Toku, who played at his active time, especially in the regional and Oberliga for Wattenscheid and Prussia Münster, should lead the third-league newcomer to the league. With still a pending catchy game, the Viktoria is currently ranking on the last non-relegation place, a counter before the descent zone (two at the expected dot deduction for TurkGücü Munich).

“We want to be diligent and work intensively in the coming days and weeks to achieve our goal of achieving the league’s degree, earliest possible,” says the new coach, who is convinced of his new employer: “Human and football are very many parallels to move to Viktoria Berlin. I stand for much, for which the club stands and have the feeling that it fits between us. “

Viktoria Berlin has a hitherto weak balance in the new calendar year: In seven games, only one draw (at 1: 1 against Verl), the goal ratio is after 1: 4 in Hall on Wednesday evening at 4:20. In addition, the club was plagued by Personnel Sorning, to Tolcay CigerCi (seven gates, seven assists) had to leave in winter. In mid-February, the two-time Germans had quite unexpectedly separated from his ascent coach Muzzicato. David Pietrzyk had taken over as an interim trainer, now Toku follows.

Rocco Teichmann im Interview????
Its debut rises on Monday evening when the Victoria is crisigned for crisp in the havelse. Previously, he will relate to the team from Saturday a short training camp in Barsinghausen to prepare optimally on the upcoming tasks.