A smartphone puzzle RPG “Yume Kingdom and 100 prings sleeping with dream kingdom”, who can fall in love with 185 people, and the 7th anniversary special movie that blooms smiling prince! Announces addition of new features tha

Siegreest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President, President: Owa Junpei) is provided for women “Yume Kingdom and 100 Prince of Sleeping” (hereinafter, “Dream 100”) is the 7th anniversary Memorial Movies and other, message and various campaigns from the operating team.

Siegreest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President, President: Owa Junpei) is provided for women “Yume Kingdom and 100 Prince of Sleeping” (hereinafter, “Dream 100”) is the 7th anniversary Memorial Movies and other, managed teams and various campaigns have been released.

“Dream 100” is a “love with the prince”, a smartphone puzzle RPG for new sense women.
On the stage of “Yume Kingdom”, you can enjoy the sweet story by waking up the prince who has been dreaming and falling as a dream that appeared in the kingdom. More than 100 luxurious voice actors appeared,
It is a game that can be enjoyed while listening to the prince’s voice in every scene. The number of downloads has been extended since the start of offering March 2015, and has been developed without going download 12 million downloads and not staying in Japan.

This time, “Dream 100” released the 7th anniversary special movie and the princess letter of the “7th Anniversary Special Movie” and Princess. In addition, in the app, we announced a new functional addition that can be newly dated with prince at the “hidden house” released in the fall of 2020, and we will carry out the 7th anniversary campaign.

# 7th Anniversary Special Movie Released!

The 7th Anniversary Special Movie has been released. In this movie, Prince appeared in the event, “When You’re Smiling,” Inui (CV: Takuya Sato), nautical miles (CV: Miyano Mamoru), Castres (CV: Taiga Genki), Caliburn (CV: Atsushi Tamaru), In addition to the five of Silyl (CV: Takuma Hajima), the prince who shows a wonderful smile in the 7th anniversary key visual appeared, and “your smile is a video that has been messages called me”.

[7th Anniversary Special Movie]
※ Public period: From June 8, 202 (Wed)

Dream Meister and the Recollected Black Fairy Gameplay - RPG Android IOS

# # Message from the “Dream 100” operating team that celebrates the 7th anniversary “All Smiles your smile is my dream”

From the “Dream 100” operating team, we also released message letters for the princess who supported the “dream world” for seven years.
[7th Anniversary Special Site]
https://www.yume -100.com/7th_anniversary/message/

# Hideakor update “secret date” appeared in summer of 2022 appeared!

In the summer of 2022, it was decided that “secret date” will be updated to the hidden fashion.
This update is a feature that can be enjoyed from the prince and the outing promise.
The following report will be notified by the “Dream 100” app or official Twitter.

# 7th Anniversary “Smile Point Twitter Campaign” will be held!

During the period, with Twitter “# 15th anniversary full of smiling dreams over the 100th anniversary of smiling dreams”, we will tweet memories with “Dream 100” and Prince, and post memories with prince and post other princess You can save “Smile PT” by doing good or retweet.
“Smile PT” can be replaced with an in-app item such as fairy stone and gacha tickets at the campaign site.

· Holding period: March 9, 202 (Wed) 0: 00-3 Jan 13 (Sun) 23:59
【Smile Point Twitter Campaign Site】

# 7th Anniversary Campaign Overview

# # 7th Anniversary “My Prince Login Bonus”

In this login bonus, the prince who set the fairy stone every day for 5 days, and the prince set in “Prince” will meet with “Anniversary Voice”.

· Holding period: March 9, 202 (Wed) 5:00 to March 14 (Mon) 4:59

※ This login bonus prince and voice will be the existing content, but some prince will be the first appearance.
※ Please check the details in the app for other details.

# # Princess Waving Campaign

During the period, we will deliver a set of 10 Memorial Custom 10 Lega Tickets and Prince to all princesses who logged in to “Dream 100”.
You can also share your friends from the mission to your friend’s Princess with Twitter, and you can also earn two fairysters.

· Holding period: March 9, 202 (Wed) -3 months 31 (Thu) 23:59

# # 7th Anniversary “Memorial Custom Gacha”

Event ver. Choose your favorite prince from the prince, and we will carry out a “Memorial Custom Gacha” that can create your own gacha.
You can also play this Gacha for 50 consecutive times for replacement of “7th Jewel” and participating in event.
In addition, you can also get a “stamp card” that you can get a benefit for each player, and you can get the 7th anniversary motif costume that the prince wears and the special select gacha can be played.

· Holding period: March 9th, 2022 (Wed) to April 14 (Thu) 11:59

# About the Dream World Series

The fantasy of the “dream world” is a generic term for smartphone game apps produced by the ZIKRest.
Under the concept of “Female”, I will love the many characters that live in the dream world, and fostering the bond, and the one of the one of the guests heats the chest, the dream-like experience I am aiming for. The 1st series of series released in March 2015, “a dream kingdom and a thousands of sleeping” is 12 million downloads over the world, “I released” in February 2022.

# “100 Prince and 100 Prince Sleeping” Service Overview

Title: “100 prings that can be sleeped and sleep” Genre: Women’s puzzle RPG usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system started: Monday, 2015 Copyright: © GCREST, Inc. Delivery : App Store, Google Play (Native App) App Store: https: //itunes.apple.com/app/id938095479? MT = 8 Google Play: https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details ? ID = com.gcrest.yume100prince.android Official Site: https://www.yume-100.com Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/yume100prince