Xbox Game Pass surprises users with a new gift

Tomorrow, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will add two games acclaimed by criticism. However, before this happens, some Game Pass subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC have a new gift. Unfortunately, if it is only a basic Xbox Game Pass subscriber of $ 10, this gift is not available for you. It is blocked behind Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which, in addition to providing the Xbox Live Gold and EA Play subscribers, also offers several benefits and offers for limited time, such as Halo infinity gifts

Starting today, all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can acquire the Pass tense coating for their Mongoose in Infinito_. In addition to this, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can exchange a 2XP and a Swap Challenge for Halo infinite as well as. As the tweet points out then this is part of a larger monthly promotion. Every month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get Halo infinite gifts for the month of March, they will receive everything described above. And as anterior halo infinito gifts through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the Mongoose mask is green Xbox.

As always, this is a limited time test. When April arrives, the opportunity to get the above elements will disappear and will be replaced by new free elements, which in turn will be available for a month, repeating the cycle.

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As for Halo infinito, your multiplayer is not as vibrant as it was at the launch due to the lack of support of 343 industries. That said, there is still a lot to play in the game, enjoying the new event of season 1, which comes with its own gifts.

Xbox Game Pass is available for anyone at Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC with $ 10 per month. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available through the same platforms, but for $ 5 additional per month. For more coverage about the Game Pass subscription service and everything related to Xbox, click here.