DOFUS 2.63 – Recasting of the panoplies 100 to 150, list of changes

With update 2.63 , the Dofus team offers a great revision of the bonuses of the level 100 to 150s. If Ankama confesses first on a retouching recipes, we finally a * upheaval From Meta ** on the different slices.


DOFUS – redesign of the panoplies 100 to 150, list of changes

For some time, third generation trophies have the coast on Dofus. The worship and the nomad are kings from the level 100 to 180 where the ocher dofus and the vulbis are appearing. Indeed, these slices are strewn with old equipment. Poorly distributed, too weak, untapable stats for an osamodas, of the trap: the reasons are legion.

In order to revitalize a little meta, the game designers start Doument by modifying the bonuses of the panoplie, up. You will find more often from bonuses PA, PM and PO to 3 objects , while some antiques are separated from some items (incarnations or weapons for the panoplie of the Dragon Pig). Expect to see new combos on different stuffs, ecliping the now obsolete “trophus”.

Evolution of panoplie bonuses with DOFUS 2.63

You can consult in this table all bonuses by rank, first 2.62 then 2.63 . It is possible to search for a precise set via the option in the frame, at the top left. A second table is present below to accurately target the modified or added lines.

Name Bonus 2.62 Bonus 2.63
Name Bonus 2.62 Bonus 2.63

Changes on the lines

Attention, the table below contains only the modified lines. Please refer to the above data for comprehensive bonuses.

Name Old bonus New bonus
Name Old bonus New bonus

DOFUS 2.63, yes but it’s for when?

The “Bosquet” patch will arrive by spring on the game servers. In the meantime, the update is already available since March 9, Beta. You can test all modifications.