FC Chelsea crashes into Chaos: Bench blocks accounts and credit cards

Alarm red red at FC Chelsea! After the far-reaching sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich and the associated restrictions for the club, the accounts and credit cards of the Reignizing Champions League winner were frozen.

Like English media on Friday reports, the Bank Barclays has temporarily blocked all accounts and credit cards of the FC Chelsea.

The blues have no access to their financial resources, can not even finance the smallest things according to “sky Chelseas”. Also larger items like the player salaries can therefore not be paid out.

As the reason for the account lock, Barclays adopted to examine the special license issued by the government for the club. It is about determining what Chelsea is possible under the sanctions defined by the British government at all.

“That puts the club even more under pressure,” quotes the “Times” a nominated source from the club environment. Now it is hard to maintain the daily operation, it says.

At FC Chelsea, according to Sky, they hope for a quick solution and release of the accounts.

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The big problem in the Bank’s eyes is the continuing direct connection to Roman Abramovich. Although the account is on the name FC Chelsea, this is still belonging to the Russian oligarch. And shops with Abramovich are expressly not permitted by the bank.

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The blues were previously affected by numerous restrictions.

Among other things, the club was not allowed to sell any day tickets. The sales of Merchandise was also prohibited. For this purpose, the Londoner with a temporary transfer ban were assigned and may not submit their current players to new offers for a contract extension.