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Games currently 04/2022: TitleStory Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7 in the test and more!

At the beginning a few words for the current world events, which of course do not cold here in the editorial… we push the people in Ukraine and all their relatives and friends all over the world at this point our compassion and our support. You are not alone, and ultimately our democratic society will always prevail against injustice regimes. We are convinced of this. Hate and aggression have no place in this world.

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In the preview area we look at the mysterious Ghostwire: Tokyo of the Evil-Within-maker Tango Games. The release is in front of the door, now it’s time to learn about what it’s in the scary adventure actually. Clearly, we already know about Baldur’s Gate 3 and watch what the current update of the Early Access game has to offer. And in the preview to WWE 2K22 we clarify whether it can succeed in making the catastrophic predecessor. Also, look forward to numerous exciting specials and reports, such as our film review to Uncharted, our reportage to the Game Industry Icon Todd Howard, our profound analysis of the Gorge Empire China and our story review of Horizon: Zero Dawn, thanks to which you are perfectly prepared in Horizon: Start Forbidden West. Have fun while reading!

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G+G: Is Elden Ring OVER-Hyped? My Review+Gran Turismo Cars Cost WHAT?!?+MORE!

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Games currently 04/2022: TieGstory Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7 in the test and more! [Source: Games News]

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