Mohammed Rashid: Thats why the Palestinian did not stand behind a “Stop-War”

The Palestinian professional Mohammed Rashid has expressed itself to his decision to face a “Stop-War” banner before playing his team Persib Bandung in the first league of Indonesia. For him is measured with two degree.

“I did not want to stay because there is no fairness and no justice,” Rashid said in conversation with Rashid and Goal and . “When we do the same during all the wars, which over the years Palestine took place, wanted to do, we told us that we can not do it, as it is illegal, violates the FIFA rules and as it mixes football and politics. “

Nevertheless, he realized: “I do not support the war in Ukraine, I do not support Russia, I do not support anything from this stuff. I’m against all kinds of wars, I am against all kinds of violence.”

Rashid had refused to connect to his teammates at the beginning of this month and protesting with a slogan against the war between Ukraine and Russia before a game.

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The 26-year-old national player Palestine has been playing for 2021 at Persib Bandung. In the League 1 he achieved six goals in 24 plays so far.