Joaquin: The old man and the more

This Old Man
A tribute demands the seemingly eternal youth then. “It’s hard for him to play Thursdays und on Sundays”, Manuel Pellegrini, Trainer of Real Betis from Seville admits. And coach of Joaquin, who is more for the club than any other player.

Pellegrini usually decides for Thursday. Joaquin, popular fun bird and an integral part of La Leaga is indispensable, is used primarily in the Cup competitions. In the Europa League, where it gets to do Betis in the second round with Eintracht Frankfurt, the Routinian has so far been denied every season game.

Joaquine leads Betis into the cup final

The weighting works. “He shows good achievements over the whole season,” swarms Pellegrini, who must appeal: “He had only a few injuries that prevented him.” Sometimes the 40 years are just noticeable. And sometimes not.

In the semi-final second leg of the Copa del Rey, Pellegrini had only brought his noble joker against Rayo Vallecano in the 81th minute. For Joaquin, that was enough time to do something else. Driven the ball, the head up, put through the alley. 1: 1 for Betis, entry into the cup final.

The Copa del Rey is its competition. Already in 2005 Joaquin won the Königspector with Betis, 2008 with the FC Valencia. There are the only two two titles in the career of a man who still has more to give. Who still wants to achieve more. Again the Copa del Rey when Betis is already in the final. Or at the end, even if he may still be a year again, a very big title?

The Champions League is not realistic for the Verdiblancos, in La Liga they are just slipped from the necessary ranks. But the qualification would also be possible by the Europa League title, which would be fantastic for a club like Betis.

Joaquin is Betis, and Betis is somewhere also Joaquin. Cup player, cup team. You will probably have to go between Thursday (or in this case Wednesday) and Sunday. The decision will probably not be in the sense of Eintracht Frankfurt.