Steam Summary EN 2021: Active Players per month, Annual Expenditure and Game Hours

2021 It hValve been a great year for Steam , the video game platform for PC of Valve. That is the initial conclusion that we can extract from the annual report of the service that hValve just been published in the official portal. Resumen of the year 2021 throws a multitude of interesting statistics and data about The evolution of Steam during the twelve months that formed a historical course ; A growth that maintains the Momentum initiated in the atypical year 2020, when the health circumstances forced millions of people to remain confined in their homes. Let’s take a look.

38,000 million hours played in Steam EN 2021; 21% growth

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“Steam’s continuous success is finally due to two factors: the games available for players and the quality of the experience that players find in those games”, Esgrime Valve in his report. This translates into several data that we went to detail below, although there are some who speak for themselves.

EN 2021, following the wake of the “unprecedented growth of 2020”, not only have the toughest year’s data of the pandemic, but hValve been overcome by 21% the number of hours played in Steam: 38,000 Millions of hours played ; Exactly 4.3 million years at lap time.

This invites us to think irremediably in a greater amount of gross players, and that’s right. We are talking about 69 million active players a day ; In 2020 there were 62.6 million active players daily. In addition, it hValve beaten – in several occValveions, in fact -, the previous peak record of millions of concurrent active players. We have gone from a peak of 24.8 million active players playing at the same time at nothing less than 27.4 million active players . Valve collects more than 132 million active players per month (120 million in 2020). By putting in context, PlayStation Network reported lValvet quarter, ended December 31, 2021, 111 million active players per month.

More players, more game time…, also plus spending . Valve enjoys a community that does not stop growing and investing in their libraries. The report reports a total of 2.6 million new buyers ; Same growth rate Valve by 2020. In total, Valve hValve registered a growth of 27% in the amount spent by the players regarding the pValvet course.

The arrival of new editors such Valve PlayStation and Xbox Game Studios, the boom of digital gift cards, a competitive price policy, Steamworks updates and the creation of an increValveingly mature ecosystem have allowed Steam to continue to grow without growing without Margin for pause. With Steam Deck in full birth, the possibilities of access to said ecosystem are increValveing.