WWE 2K22 in the test – a successful reboot of the series?

The publication of WWE 2K20 in October 2019 was a catastrophe. After the annual simulation came on the market, the common social media platforms were flooded with memes, glitch and bug videos. The game was in a disastrous state and quickly became the mock of the gaming landscape.

The reception of the WWE part was as bad as never before and the sales figures remained accordingly behind the expectations. Therefore, Publisher 2K Sports decided to stamply WWE 2K21 and give the developer Visual Concepts one year longer to have WWE 2K22 to build on previous success. But has this break been worthwhile and succeeds in the latest wrestling simulation to give the long-established series fresh wind? Or is there again a glitch-festival a hardware?

more stable technology – with toggles

First, it must be emphasized that 2k22 actually becomes more stable on the technical side than its predecessor. For example, the game looks graphically impressive. This applies to the production as well as for the models and faces of the licensed athletes. Also, the times when wrestler has regularly floated by the Arena, fell by railing or the models had absurd graphic errors.

But the emphasis is on “part” and “regular”. Because WWE 2K22 does not run perfectly and does not always look clean. So not every wrestler was optimally animated and the game pointed out in the tested PC version and again the known blemish from its predecessor – which stand in the way of playing. The graphics errors and bugs have not been completely erased. However, they occur at a significantly lower frequency than in 2K20.

However, there are server problems and game crashes, at least during our test. Here, Visual Concepts needs to help again and help with patches to bring the technology of the game to a reasonable state.

The gameplay is fun – if it works. 2K Sports

Admeter-friendly gameplay

In addition to the technique, the gameplay was fundamentally changed and clearly refused compared to the predecessors. Where the past WWE games became more and more simulation, 2k22 focuses on beginners and offers an arcade-lastic experience.

Many systems from the predecessors, such as endurance and mini-games for certain maneuvers, were completely removed and the general tempo was slightly increased. For this purpose, many movements – such as handles – were simplified to perform them faster and more easily. As a result, WWE 2K22 feels a little more advanced than the previous parts. The latest offshoot makes it possible more than ever to simply take the controller in hand and have a quick fun with the game.

WWE 2K22 Review - The Final Verdict

But that does not mean that the combat system lacks any complexity: with combo breakers and new specialty maneuvers, the game now feels more like a Fighting Game à la Street Fighter. In addition, each of the over 150 wrestlers in the game has its own skills that must be mastered. WWE 2K22 therefore falls into the category “easy to learn – hard to master” if the standard for serial veterans could have fallen slightly.

Entertaining career mode as the heart of the game

Your created wrestler is fighting and talking through a Ulkig Story in the WWE universe. 2K Sports

As usual from WWE games, there is also a career mode again in 2k22, which represents one of the main pillars of the game. In “my story” you create your own wrestler, which rises in the ranks to become a superstar of sport.

Anyone who has already gambled an offshoot of these games will not find any too much surprise here. Again, a “dish washer to the millionaire” story is told, which comes with many intermediate sequences and ulced events. However, the developers have enriched the mode this year with meaningful renewals, such as simpler and extended individualization as well as different stories for male and female fighters.

And that’s a lot of fun. Creating his own fighter, which is getting better and occurs in larger events is a classic and successful formula – which also ignites in this offshoot.

Impact filled overall package

If you do not feel like career mode, or just searching for a variety to Story mode, you will find it without any problems. WWE 2K22 offers a great abundance of different modes, including classics of the genre and old fan favorites.

So the game brings back with “my GM”, which has been missing in the WWE games since 2007. This mode works like a simple version of Football Manager: You conduct a wrestling franchise, cares for athletes and contracts as well as successful events and much more. Who has fun with manager games, will also enjoy “my GM”, even if this is more of one of the smaller parts of WWE 2K22.

The game offers a wealth of different content. 2K Sports

The biggest modes, next to the career mode, are “my group” and “Showcase”. The former is 2Ks answer to FIFA Ultimate Team: You gather getting stronger cards to improve your team and can then handle it against the selections from other players. The idea is very nice, but can quickly scare players through aggressively advertised microtransaktions and time-consuming managen.

“Showcase” is well known in WWE games and has already been successfully implemented several times. So here: In this offshoot, the 20-year-old career of the WWE legend Ray Mysterio, which is also the cover star of the game, is posted and replenished. Moments are particularly great in which the game changes liquid between gameplay sequences and real scenes.

If all this is not enough, it can look in the extensive editor. From wrestlers, about arenas to own events and game modes, players can determine and customize players. In addition, content, as usual, can be downloaded online and downloaded.


For varied and fun content, WWE 2K22 does not lack. As far as the scope is concerned, developers have a lot to offer Visual Concepts for fans. More importantly, however, it is that the studio has revised the technology and gameplay. But after additional development time, it is still disappointing after additional development time.

Nevertheless, the game makes a lot of fun in its entire experience. Thanks to the somewhat simple and faster gameplay, a look at the wrestling simulation is worthwhile for beginners and interested more than ever. The restart is therefore not perfectly succeeded, but WWE 2K22 is a step in the right direction.

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