FC Chelsea: Three-billion offer from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Media Group is intended to provide an offer over 2.7 billion pounds (around 3.2 billion euros) for the acquisition of the FC Chelsea. In addition, Prime Minister Boris Johnson are the songs of Blues fans for club owners Roman Abramovich after taking the Russian oligarch on the sanctionist of the British government a mandrel in mind.

Like the British journalist Ben Jacob, which works for cbs Sports Golazo, is Mohamed Alkheriji, the boss of the organization, large Chelsea fan and lead a private consortium. There are no direct connections to the government.

When looking for support he should get help from Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Saud, the chairman of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is – but no financial help. STC is again the property of the state in Saudi Arabia.

It is also interesting that the Saudi Arab Association PIF (owner of Newcastle) still has shares there, although they had sold in December. Accordingly, STC can not be without significant problems part of a merger for the purchase Chelseas.

In the meantime, a spokesman of the English head of government Johnson demanded the immediate waiver of any form of recognition for the alleged friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, the Stamford Bridge runs the efforts for a special permit for the sale of tickets in full swing.

Abramovich withdrawal with consequences? This is Chelseas’s salary list

FC Chelsea: Honemarket for Abramovich

“It’s time that it stops. We recognize the strong feelings of people for their club, but that excuses no behavior that is currently completely inappropriate. I think people can show their passion and support for their club without Return to such things, “Johnson’s spokesman explained at the beginning of the week.

Downing Street responded to the repeated repeatments for Abramovich at Chelseas appeared since the announcement of sanctions against the oligarch and Chelsea. Both last Thursday in the game of the team of the German team manager Thomas Tuchel near Norwich City (3: 1) as well as last Sunday at the 1-0 success of the team of German international Kai Havertz, Antonio Rüdiger and Timo Werner had the fans in speakers Loudly Abramovich’s name are skimmed.

The reminder of the British government on Chelseas trailers could express more than just an incomprehension. The association is for a targeted sale to a new owner and thus ensuring its existence also dependent on absolute top level largely on benevolence of the government. Only by further easing the special license for the continuation of the current game operation can be made a corresponding deal. According to Johnson’s spokesman on Monday, the club has not yet filed a request for milder restrictions yet.


Chelsea endeavors for sale of tickets

However, the club shared almost simultaneously, in daily conferences to ensure permission to sell tickets of all kinds. Currently, Chelsea is prohibited from the ticketing to prevent new revenue for Abramovich. To maintain fair competition, the Premier League and the National Association FA are also in contact with government agencies.

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The sanctions against Abramovich mean significant difficulties for the blues anyway. Chelsea may currently not commit to players or extend contracts, including the sale of tickets and merchandising articles is prohibited. Costs for travel to home games are subject to a very low limit.