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Warzone player discover a new error in the parachutes of the operator

A Call of Duty Warzone parachute error was discovered by the community of Battle Royale and is a bit like a head scraper. In the course of the life of Warzone, we have seen some pretty strange mistakes and disturbances, but this above is one of those who let them think: “How?”

Can I parachute sideways across Caldera in Warzone Pacific?

When discovered by players on Reddit, and tested and verified by Youtuber, JGOD ‘, it seems that the fall screen mechanics will behave differently for some operators in the game. First, some operators jumping from the aircraft at the beginning of the game or reissued after the repurchase or gulag profit is able to slide with a different speed than they should.

Jgod’s research shows that some operators such as Roze and Wraith, sliding speeds of over 10 are displayed on the screen indication, although the maximum should be 6.6. While the operators of Call of Duty Vanguard seem to be well, experience a selection of characters from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold was this.

It is a similar story when it comes to pulling your parachute after jumping from a high body. While you should be able to pull your parachute pretty much about every height after jumping, some of the bugged operators return to the old days of Warzone and fall for a certain time before you can open your parachute. We already get flashback of all these deaths by falling damage…

Looks like the operator bug also affects the jump height required to pull the slide.

Select your operator carefully.

  • James – JGOD (@JGodyt) 16. March 2022

Raven Software has to comment on the error and it is not on the included Warzone Trello board, which tracks and monitors running errors and troubleshootings.

While this is certainly not the groundbreaking mistake we came across in Battle Royale, but he is one of the most confusing. Fortunately, it will not affect the Warzone Meta, but it could be one that causes you to miss your best hot drop spot.