Problems in GTA Online: PS-Plus

Hardly GTA 5 has appeared on the Next-Gen consoles, there are the first problems. Some PS5 players with running PS plus subscription are just angry – because they can not pick up their gifts. But according to rock star everything goes with right things.

PS5 problem in GTA online: PS-Plus players have to do without financial syringe

For several days, the Next-Gen version of GTA 5 is available in the trade. Above all, the PS5 and Xbox-Series variant of the game offers graphical improvements, but apparently also causes some problems.

PS-Plus subscribers have had the opportunity for quite some time to secure a million GTA dollars in the PlayStation Store once a month. However, a PS5 player who has turned fresh into the game, but now reports reddit that it was not credited to him the collected money **. All the months in which he picked up the rewards in the PlayStation Store were for the cat.

In the comments under the post office, other GTA veterans explain what is the reason for his bankruptcy. According to the portrayals of the players, it is not enough to pick up the monthly financial syringe in the PlayStation Store. Players must also log in to GTA online to get the money credited.

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Only PS4 players will be rich

But that’s not the only reason to worry. For even players who do not freshen into the Next-Gen game, but upgrade to the improved version, are a problem: The PS-Plus bonus is paid only players of the PS4 version (Source: PlayStation). Players of the PS5 version are not at all about the free financial syringe. While this is not too dramatic, As the action goes to end anyway – some players should nevertheless be soured.

_This features are still missing in GTA online today: _

The only way for players still to secure the March bonus is to log in before starting the Next-Gen version again via the PS4 version in the game and cash on the money . Subsequently, the character transfer can be initiated to the PS5, which should also transfer your wealth.