FC Schalke 04 | Kerim Calhanoglu hounds with emotional roller coaster trip: “The year was difficult”

Kerim Calhanoglu is considered one of the biggest talents of the kneldschmiede, in the professional team of FC Schalke 04, the 19-year-old has not yet made the breakthrough. Nevertheless, the youngster does not give up and looks forward

His first twelve months with the professionals of FC Schalke must have felt for Kerim Calhanoglu as a roller coaster trip. Only the appeal to the Bundesliga team and the first four missions in the highest German play class, then the descent and finally a life between second division spare bank and game practice in the regional league.

“The year was difficult,” the wing player confessed in conversation with the “WAZ” now. In the meantime, the native Mannheimer was even a candidate for a winter change. Calhanoglu, however, decided for a whereabouts: “For me it was clear: I pull through the year and give gas in the training gas, whether I get my chance or not.”

Calhanoglu und Aydin komplett am Limit ???????????? | Wat labert der? | FC Schalke 04

His patience was rewarded: Against Hansa Rostock (3: 4) and the FC Ingolstadt (3: 0) Calhanoglu was finally allowed two times in a row in the starting ran and completed his job as a left-hand rail player.

“If you did not play for a long time or just got a few minutes of play, there is a great deal of confidence,” the German U20 national player emphasized now.

FC Schalke 04: Calhanoglu is learning from Ouwejan

Calhanoglu profited in the past games from the Dürs Thomas Ouwejans. The Dutchman, this season one of the most consistent professionals at FC Schalke, had to fight with muscular problems, but should get back into training soon.

Nevertheless, Calhanoglu does not see its direct position competitors as an opponent, but as a model. “The flanks and standards of him are all wonderful. In the offensive game he is impressive, also which solutions he finds to liberate from narrow situations”, swarmed the scarce jewel from his teammate. He already learned a lot of Ouwejan, says Calhanoglu.

Under the new coach Mike Büskens, the Dimitrios Grammozis has recently replaced, the teenager wants to continue to operate self-promotion.

Calhanoglu knows exactly what matters. “The Lord Büskens, as I call him, pay attention to little things,” the left foot revealed. The first unit under the royal blue legend has already “fun made”.