FC Schalke 04 probably has another sponsor at the fishing

The FC Schalke 04 is looking for new donors after the separation from his longtime main sponsor Gazprom. The Gelsenkirchen obviously pursue innovative approaches.

Due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, FC Schalke 04 ended the partnership with Gazprom. For about 15 years, the world’s largest natural gas promotion company has lit millions of euros in millions in the club. But with it has been concluded since the termination of the contract.

With the real estate company Vivawest, the Schalke has already found a new main sponsor. However, the new partner probably pays less than before Gazprom. Vivawest should cost the commitment to the royal blue per year around 4.5 million euros. According to the Russian Energy Giant, according to media reports, double.

????Schalke have ended their partnership with sponsor Gazprom

Since the stigs should continue to have total liabilities of 183.5 million euros, fresh money on Schalke continues to see. Now the second division could obviously draw a new deal on land.

FC Schalke 04 has probably supermarket chain at the fishing

Like “Sky” reported, Schalke 04 found a premium partner for training clothing. While the model is new in Germany, English clubs have for a few more exclusive sponsoring for the exercise clothing.

For example, FC Chelsea is the logo of the hotel room mediation trivago during the units omnipresent. As a result, the London will take additional capital again. The FC Schalke should pursue similar plans. The royal blue has probably already found.

The new partner is intended to be “Sky” a “nationwide supermarket chain”. An official confirmation from the association is still out. The deal would be before the graduation states. As a result, the Schalke could continue to stuff their financial hole.