Gran Turismo 7: Update 1.07 changes tires and fixes faulty events

Maintenance over: Maybe you wanted to turn a few rounds in Gran Turismo 7 this morning and has noticed that the servers of the racing game were down. The reason for the two-hour maintenance work was the preparations for the update 1.07, which you can download now. We reveal you what’s in the download and also have the full patch notes for you.

That’s all in Update 1.07 for Gran Turismo 7

While Update 1.06 still brought some content like a wind display and new music, the latest patch is all about the remedy of annoying bugs. GT7 did not have such a bad launch, but it seems to be a whole lot of more or fewer little mistakes in the game.

Probably the most important fix concerns the licence tests and missions. Here, the wrong wheels were always mounted on the cars. According to Polyphony Digital, this should no longer be the case. In addition, the correct rewards for campaign events are now paid off. Everything more read below (Via Gran Turismo).

Gran Turismo 7 | Update 1.06 Bug Tires Mission Challenge & License Test

The patch notes from Update 1.07 in the overview

Main Features Implemented


  • Added A [Broadcast Mode] Option to the Sound Volume Settings Within the Global Tab Of The Options Menu. For details, please refer to the ‘Broadcast Fashion’ Added to the ‘Sound Volume’ Settings’ article.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

Car Settings

  • Fixed to Issue Whorein to Application Error Would Occur WHEN SELECTING A SETTING Sheet from the Quick Menu> [Car Settings]> [Detailed Settings] Screen Within World Circuits While Being in Offline Mode;
  • Fixed to Issue Whyein Copied Setting Sheets Would Disappear When The Car Settings Were Opened and Closed;
  • Fixed to Issue Whyein The Ford GT Race Car ’18 Would ONLY GO INTO 1st Gear When a Fully Customizable Manual Transmission OR A Fully Customizable Sequential Transmission Were installed;
  • Fixed to Issue Whyein Cars Toold Be Considered Within Regulation Even Though They Did Not Meet The Balance of Performance (BOP) Regulation.


  • Fixed to Issue Whyein Some Assist Settings, Search AS Auto-Drive, Were ABLE TO BE CHANGED OR SAVED EVEN WHEN ‘LIMIT Driving Options’ What set to ‘prohibited.’

Missions & Licenses

  • Fixed to Issue Whyein the Modified Assist Settings in Some Events Would Be Saved and Would NOT Go Back To the Default Value Even After Leaving the Event.


  • Fixed to Issue Whyein for Some Events The Wind Direction and Speed ​​Display Were Set to 0.


  • Fixed to Issue Whyein The Specified Tires Toold Not Be Equipped on the Vehicle for the Following Events:

  • Licenses

* [A-8] DIRT DRIVING: Beginner (Dirt Tires)
* [IB-5] DIRT DRIVING: Intermediate (Dirt Tires)
* [IA-3] Dirt Driving: Expert (Dirt Tires)
* [S-5] One Lap Time Attack (Dirt Tires)
  • Mission

    • The Magic Mountain
    • Jeep Night Safari (Dirt Tires)
  • Beyond the Horizon

    • Beginner Drifting 1
    • American Wilderness (Dirt Tires)
  • Rolling Stone

    • Beginner Drifting 2 (Comfort: Medium Tires)
  • Gone with the wind

    • Divine Moves on the Spa
    • Intermediate Drifting 2 (Racing: Heavy Wet Tires)
  • The Sun So Rises

    • The White Winged Beast (Racing: Soft Tires)
  • Circuit Experiences

    • Colorado Springs (Dirt Tires)
    • Fishermans Ranch (Dirt Tires)
    • Sardegna – Windmills (Dirt Tires)

World Circuits

  • Adjusted The Rewards for Events Inside World Circuits According to Driving Time and Difficulty. The Adjusted Events Are AS Follows:

  • World Touring Car 800

    • 24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit
    • Monza Circuit
  • World Rally Challenge

    • Alsace Village
  • Dirt Champions

    • Fisherman’s Ranch
    • Sardegna Windmills
    • Colorado Springs Lake
  • GT Cup Gr.4

    • High Speed ​​Ring
    • Brands Hatch GP Circuit
  • GT Cup Gr.3

    • Spa Francorchamps
    • Suzuka circuit
    • Autodome Lago Maggiore. Full
  • Clubman Cup Plus

    • High Speed ​​Ring
    • Tsukuba Circuit
    • Goodwood
  • American Clubman Cup 700

    • Special Stage Route X
  • American for Challenge 550

    • Blue Moon Bay Speedway
    • WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca
    • Willow Springs Raceway

GT car

  • Fixed to Issue Whyein Opening The Livery Data from the LIVERY Editor Would Make All The Applied Decals Disappear;
  • Fixed to Issue Whyein The Open Designs and Styles Of The Livery Editor Could NOT BE OPENED UNTIL The Game What rebooted if The Temporary Data Were Deleted.


  • Fixed to Issue Whyein on Rare Occasions at Application Error Would Occur When Purchasing Cars from Brand Central, Used Cars, And Legendary Cars, Or When Receiving a Car AS A Prize.

Physics Simulation Model

  • Adjusted The Model To Reduce The Grip Lost When Cars With High Downforce Are Passing Over A Kerbstone While Cornering at Its Limit.


  • Fixed Several Issues That Would Occur When There What Not Enough Free Space Available for Temporary Data Downloaded from the Network:
    • The used cars lineup would not be displayed;
    • The News on the Title Screen Would NOT be displayed;
    • The Styles Mould Not Be Applied;
  • Various Other Issues Have Been Addressed.

What GT7 is good, you will learn in the test video:

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This GT7 content should come

Of course, even with the update 1.07 still some bugs remain in the game – so expects other patches. Apart from that, there should always be new content, which we probably get free. These include new cars and routes, but also a lot more. We’ll keep you up to date.