BVB: Cologne-defender Kilian about Haaland: Nice to see him insulted

Before Marco Rose could come into the embarrassment to comment on the finally lost title fight, his friend Steffen Baumgart jumped to him.

“You have won from the last nine games six, played twice a draw and only by Leverkusen the ass can handle what every time can happen every time,” said the coach of the 1st FC Cologne after the 1: 1 against Roses Borussia Dortmund: “That will be Made everything too bad. The team has found themselves, has made a development. I find that they play a good season. “

In fact, the BVB is the best return team. But after two 1: 0 victories against Arminia Bielefeld and at Mainz 05, the Dortmund now missed the chance to stay at FC Bayern Dranzu. Six points are now back, the much worse goal difference is quasi a seventh.

The Power Of Erling Haaland

Seven games are still out, including the direct duel in Munich.

BVB coach Rose strengthens his team: “Going out everything”

Rose talked about a “fair result” after the draw in Cologne and praised his team. “We had three intensive games in this English week,” he said. “The boys have come out again. What concerns the attitude and attitude, I have to praise. Even if we are disappointed, that we did not win.”

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This was mainly Torjäger Erling Haaland. Since he did not have any interviews after the game, it does not know if his visible frustration was more of his own performance, his awarded grand chance in the 55th minute or probably last awarded possibility to the championship.

The frustration of the Norwegian was “also noticed in the game,” Köln’s center-back Luca Kilian, in the youth of BVB became great and today still confessing Dortmund fan.

“He was not right in the game, did not get so many balls,” said Kilian and complemented laughing: “As a team, we have defended him well. That’s why that’s nice to see him sitting on the bench so offended.” There, the Haaland replaced after two months in the 87th minute, the Haaland had remained in the 87th minute after closing whistle, shaking his head and crossed his arms as a defiant child.