Red Renaissance! – Red madness!


Sun: “Singing in Bahrain: Lewis Hamilton achieves the podium after stagnant. Max stapped was after the Red Bull collapse stinksauer on his team.”

Guardian: “The new era of Formula 1 could not have been a better prelude than the drama, the triumph and the disaster of the season opener in Bahrain.”

Daily Mail: “Karma. Five letters standing for happiness or misfortune and considered as a result of one’s own actions. And so it happened that eleven rounds occurred before the end of the first season race a Safety Car entered the scene, just like In that unforgettable event 98 nights before, when Lewis Hamilton was denied the eighth world champion title. What an irony. “

Daily Mirror: “Lewis Hamilton scatters salt in stump wounds. Hamilton explained that after his surprising third place at the Grand Prix of Bahrain, no better feeling.”

Ferrari Madness in Monaco


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Red euphoria! A legendary LECLERC wins in the duel with stages, Sainz completes the masterpiece. Ferrari starts with a triumph in the world championship of the restart and greed after success.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Ferrari is the only ruler of the formula 1. Scuderia starts sovereign in the new season with a success hunger similar to that of Mercedes in recent years. The triumph of Duos Leclerc / Sainz is the victory An entire team that reaches a perfect result after hard work. “

TuttoSport: “LECLERC denies the perfect race, defends the threatening attacks and defends the first position in a brilliant way. Sainz is pleased about a flawless race, where he benefits from stump problems. Ferrari seems about the to have the right bolides to fight for the title. “

Corrier della sera: “Red Renaissance! Ferrari could not have started great in the new season. To win, Ferrari must be perfect, and the team of Maranello was perfect in Bahrain.”

La Repubblica: “Red madness! Ferrari celebrates a victory in Bahrain, on which the team had been waiting for 910 days. While Ferrari is immaculate, the opponents are not. Forza Ferrari, the season has begun under the best conditions “

La Stamppa: “Welcome back, Ferrari! While in Maranello the bells ring, the fireworks explode in Sakhir. About every forecast and any hope, Ferrari has proven its competitiveness. Leclerc shows what the season for Ferrari can still become, Sainz is the co-protagonist of the race, but he has the talent to become the star. “


Kronenzeitung: “Ferrari has emerged again, for Red Bull and World Champion Max Stapen has ended the World Cup prelude, however with a disaster.”


Look: “After 45 races: The red goddess smiles again! The thirst for thirst is over.”


Marca: “Ferrari is back, downright of Red Bull, Hamilton climbs the podium. The last rounds were film grip. Nobody would have forecasted a scary outcome for Red Bull. Hamilton is still in the end of the third place. Leclerc was stapped to the trumpet of the beast. Leclerc was two years in the winter sleep, now he was suddenly woken up. “

AS: “Red Revenge, Ferrari is back. Hamilton became third with the worst mercedes of the hybrid age. Mega disaster for Red Bull. Masterpower of Leclerc, who dominated the race with his ironfist.”

Mundo Deportivo: “Ferrari lays off with a double victory. The new era of Formula 1 begins on the best way for the Italians. Stapen became a tragic figure, Red Bull experienced a Waterloo. Ferrari, Leclerc and Sainz underlined That you want the title – the car is prepared for anyway. This first race promises an exciting season. “

Sports: “Scuderia celebrates a party in Bahrain. It is the year of Ferrari revenge.”