Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Finally here, and players are delighted with all new locations, characters and weapons that are currently in the game. You can find 24 NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Although most NPC are friendly, some of them are hostile, and players will have to defeat them to get mythical weapons this season.

Players can follow the map and instructions below as a reference to find all non-game characters in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2.

  • # 1 – Origin : The source can be found during the trip to the north from Sanctuary POI . You will find it standing between Seven Buildings. Follow the blue marker on the image of the map above to find this NPC.
    # 2 – Imaginary : Imaginary is a new NPC added to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and it can be found in three different places. Players will find it on SEVEN OUTPOST III, IV or V.

    • Seven cashposts III – far east of Poi Daily Bugle, players will have to go east of the temple landmark to get to this area.
    • Seven cashposts IV – south of Poi Condo Canyon, cross the channel, and you can get to this area.
    • seven cashposts v – northwest of Camp Cuddle Poi (link to map above)
      # 3 – Visitor : The visitor is in the same place as last season, and players can find it in landscape site , east of the statue of the mighty monument. Follow the blue marker in the image above to find a visitor.

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# 4 – Scientist : The scientist has changed its location from last season and is now located in the new POI station SynaPse . It is located inside the largest building in this POI, and players can follow the blue marker on the map image above to find this NPC.

# 5 – Agent Jones : Jones Agent can be found in two different places. Seven Zavka I as well as II . Seven cashposts I are located south-west of a fatty grove, and seven cashposts II are located northwest of Poi Logjam Lumberyard. Follow the link above to the map to find Jones Agent in any of these places.

# 6 – Foundation : Foundation is located at: G. Sanctuary of I, inside the largest building in this place. Follow the blue marker on the map above to interact with the leader of the seven.
* # 7 – Johnsy bunker : Johnsy bunker is located outside the trailer in the south-western corner The Joneses.
# 8 – Ludwig : In the building in the southeast corner of ul. POI Jones .
* House №9 : Brainiac has changed its location compared to the previous season, but it is still here. POI Jones . Players will find him wandering along the road in the southern part of the point of interest Jones.
№10 – Malet Marauder : Walk inside or near the building with a red roof in the north-western corner of The Joneses.
№11 – Johnxi first : In a small building in the northeast corner The Joneses.
# 12 – Leader of a group of hugs: In a large building with a pink roof on the northern outskirts Hugging camp.
# 13 – Head of the metallurgical group: inside a small hut with a gray roof on the northern outskirts of Caddle Camp.
# 14 – Caddlepool : Inside a small hut with a red roof on the northern outskirts of Caddle Camp.
№15 – Chaucking: Inside a small hut with a yellow roof on the northern outskirts of Caddle Camp.
# 16 – Guako : Inside a small house on the northern outskirts Sent grove.
House №17 : At the top of a small hut on the southern outskirts of Koni-Crossrows.
House №18 : Located in the room on the first floor of a gray building in a condo-canyon. Players will find this gray building by the pool in this POI.
House №19 : The tomato head is within one of the small buildings on the north side of the inclined tower.
* House number 20 : Mancake moved from the Landar Butter Barn and now it can be found inside the largest house in Rocky Reels.

House №21 : Dried – New NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and players will find this NPC in Daily Mountain POI. It is in the room inside the last building towards Western output from The Daily Bug. Follow the link above the link to find this NPC and interact with it.
House №22 : Gunnar is there in the same place, where and last season. You will find this NPC inside Command Cavern. Win Gunnar to get mythical stinger SMG .
House №23 : Dr. Sloan is located at POI fortress . She will wander around a giant drill with several guards. Win this boss to get an epochal Slone’s Striker Burst rifle .
House №24 : Huntmaster Sabre is on top of Io airship floating over Command Cave Poi . Win this boss to get an epoch level. Heat rifle Wizard Hunting Saber **.

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